Spend more time with better prospects

Truly successful people in sales spend time defining their ideal customer and developing a marketing strategy that maximize the probability of converting a prospect into a real satisfied customer.  With this powerful data you are now ready, however it is now time to find prospective customers via prospects. The first step is to understand the characteristics […]

Increase Sales by Tracking numbers? Right…..

Looking at your monthly, weekly or annual reports give you heartburn?  Ever wonder how to increase revenue or better yet know exactly how many prospects it takes to land a sale? Recently I spoke to a Business Owner who became frustrated because their sales were not where they are suppose to be.  The Business Owner […]


5 Reasons Professional Service Providers Need A Business Advisor

If you have spent more than a day selling you have heard an objection to the product or service, you are offering. The great part about hearing objections is it means your prospect is actually listening to you. So, learning to differentiate between an objection and a condition and how to deal with both is […]

Getting Referrals

In addition to the critically important business principle of customer satisfaction of delighting or amazing your customers, every business owner should be trying to create and keep your present customers.  Ensuring you are continually delighting / amazing your customers will allow you to do just that. As competitive as business is today, along with the […]

Small Business Expo Come Visit Focal Point Business Coaching

If you own a business or looking to start a business attending the Small Business Expo is critical.  Come to the show, stop by my booth for a chance to win a Golf along with a conversation about your business, its potential and where you want your business to be. See you at the Show!  

Sales: How to Build Rapport with 75% more Prospects

For many of us out there the sales process or the mere fact of selling is scary and overwhelming. For others, out there we have been doing it so long the entire process is second nature, and we don’t even think about it. So, when it comes to sales whether you are an unconscious incompetent […]

Four Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Sales is the engine that drives your business.  Customer satisfaction is the fuel.  Your ability to satisfy your customers is the critical determinant of your success in driving sales and growing your business. Perhaps the worst enemy of any relationship – be it between two friends, parent and child, employer and employee or a business and […]


FEAR. Fear of rejection!! There it’s been said now let’s deal with it. No matter how good a sales person you are no one likes to be told NO. There are lots of stories about how sales people love the NO because that means a YES is coming soon. The reality is down deep no […]

How Do You Know If Your Customer Is Getting Ready To Leave You

Anyone who has spent any time in or around the area of sales has heard the expression “It’s much easier to keep a customer than it is to land a new one”. It is also much cheaper to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. That said we all know that […]

How To Compete in an Amazon-Style World and Thrive

How To Compete in an Amazon-Style World and Thrive

In today’s consumer environment, it can feel as though it’s impossible to compete with the big players, such as Amazon.  And in all actuality, this is a major threat for many traditional small business owners.  However, with a bit of innovative thought and strategic planning, even small consumer-driven companies can continue to thrive.  Here are […]