Sales: How to Build Rapport with 75% more Prospects

For many of us out there the sales process or the mere fact of selling is scary and overwhelming. For others, out there we have been doing it so long the entire process is second nature, and we don’t even think about it. So, when it comes to sales whether you are an unconscious incompetent or an unconscious competent or somewhere in between there is something here for you.

In its simplest form the sales process can be broken down into 3 steps. The first step is Build Rapport

Build Rapport. Building Rapport is the Heart of the Sale. To get to step 2 and 3 you must first build rapport. This is in many ways the most difficult and the area where many sales people get eliminated before they even get started. Building rapport is a combination of many factors. Communication style is at the heart of it. DISC assessments and training on how to use DISC to “mirror and match” is at the center of this step. I have had many sales professionals over the years tell me “oh yeah I’ve taken those personality tests”. DISC IS NOT A PERSONALITY TEST. DISC is a communication style. DISC is the key to building rapport and getting to the next steps in the sales process. There are 4 communication styles and everyone has one predominant style. So, if you are communicating with everyone in your style (which most people do) you will be communicating incorrectly with roughly 75% of the population. This part of the sales process is happening in the first 10 minutes. Blow it here and you many never see this prospect again.  Once you understand your own style you can start to use that information to effectively reach and build rapport with more people. Possibly as much as 75% more people.

Using DISC is a powerful way to start to build Rapport. However past DISC you must be prepared. Many people are nervous in this initial step of the process. This is normal and good. Use this nervous energy to be on top of your game. Be Prepared. Research the prospect learn all you can about their business before you make contact. Try to learn how your product or service can help their business. Organize your time, get there early, and visualize how you want the call to go. Mentally rehearse the call. Use visualization to help see the direction the call will take. Understand that as soon as you are in front of the prospect you need to be the one to lead the direction. Visualize each step in the process. Assure yourself this will be a great meeting. Take a deep breath and slow down. Relax.

Once you sit down and start conversing with your prospect you start to build rapport by asking questions. This is where your DISC knowledge comes into play. Understanding the prospects communication style by looking around his office, noticing how he talks, the way he answers questions are all part of building effective rapport in this meeting. You build rapport then by asking effective questions using a balance of personal questions such as family, sports, weather, hobbies etc, and business questions like challenges, length of time in business, goals for the future, etc.

Building Rapport is the first step and the most important step. If the client shuts down here, you may not get back in to see him. If your new to sales and want to learn more, or if you’re an established veteran and want to take you game to the next level seek out a coach that teaches the Communication Breakthrough program.

About the Author

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