What your free email address says about your business

Why You Shouldn't Use A Free Email Address For Business

I can’t tell you how many businesses I come across these days that still use free email services. A company might be (very professionally) named something like “Intergalactic Nuclear Consultants & Associates,” and their website might look great at INCA.com, but their corporate email addresses are [email protected]. Intergalactic, really? Yeah right. More likely lost in […]

Top 2020 Business Trends: What to do Today So your Business Thrives not Dies

Top 2020 Business Trends

There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States alone, and this number keeps growing each year. This means the survivors will be those that keep up with trends, changes in technology, new laws, and customer needs and take advantage of new opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls. Even well-established businesses must adapt to […]

So Long Summer, Hello AI: How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Your Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve most likely heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This new technology, which is rapidly developing before our eyes, offers notable development opportunities that many businesses have already been quick to capitalize on. AI is a set of multiple technologies that work collectively […]

Business is Business

How many times are Business Owners bombarded with messages from Internet providers, Phone Service Providers, Sales trainers, Marketing Providers, Legal Firms, CPA Firms, etc. that if you use their service your business will “increase or improve”, etc.? All I can say to Business Owners when they hear these messages is “Caveat Emptor”.  You see, all […]

What does 20/20 Visual Media, beMarketing and The Home Hero all have in common?

Each of these tremendous companies are listed on the Entrepreneur’s Forum Group 2018 Philadelphia’s fastest growing companies! Each of these tremendous organizations have been working with an Elite Business Coach, Mark R. Steinke of Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania. Each of these tremendous business’s have grown, developed and are thriving as a Business. Coincidence? Find […]

Philadelphia 100 Winners and Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania

I am proud to announce three of the 2018 Philadelphia 100 fasting growing privately held companies, according to the Entrepreneurial Forum Group of Philadelphia, are  winners and clients of Focal Point  Business Coaching of Pennsylvania.   The actual announcement of the placement of all Top 100 winners will be Thursday October 25, 2018.   Two of […]

Real Business example of The Sigmoid Curve in action

No matter what size business you have the Sigmoid Curve happens to all.  Want proof?   Victoria’s Secret is broken and its Pink franchise is in the ‘early innings’ of a long decline (LB) Victoria’s Secret and its Pink branch, owned by L Brands, are in the “early innings” of a long decline, according to […]

Entrepreneurial Growth Course

Proven Principles for sustained Growth in your Business Would you like to grow your business? Improve profits? Increase sales? Do you have a strategic Plan in place? Are you struggling with time management? Come learn 8 Fast paced implementable solutions that will provide you with MORE TIME, MORE MONEY, MORE PEACE OF MIND while you […]

Your Potential Customers Unspoken Questions

How many times this year did you meet a with a prospect during the sales process, your felt the meeting went well yet you did not get the business?  Why?  Your presentation was strong, you demonstrated all the correct sales points, the prospect was nodding in agreement, yet no sale.   Something must have happened with […]

Selling on Non-Price Issues

Price arises early in almost every sales conversation, but price is seldom the reason that the customer buys or refuses to buy.  If low price were the major reason for buying decisions, nothing of higher price or quality would ever be sold.  The key is to find out the non-price reasons why people buy and […]