Spend more time with better prospects

Truly successful people in sales spend time defining their ideal customer and developing a marketing strategy that maximize the probability of converting a prospect into a real satisfied customer.  With this powerful data you are now ready, however it is now time to find prospective customers via prospects.

The first step is to understand the characteristics of your prospect.  Here are seven you need to identify:

  1. They are someone who can and will buy your product / service.
  2. They have a genuine need that your product / service can fill.
  3. They are willing and able to make a buying decision in the near future.
  4. They know you, like you and respect you.
  5. They perceive high value in your product / service.
  6. They place higher value on the benefits they will enjoy, receive resulting in purchasing your product / service.
  7. They ideally represent an excellent potential source of further sales and referrals.

Have you sat down and answered or addressed such about your potential prospects?  If you can put answers to these seven concepts you will have no problem filling your pipeline with prospects.  Typically my clients struggle gaining the answers to these areas.  To help you gain the data that will answer those seven characteristics I suggest you answer the following eight key questions.

  1. What do you Sell?
  2. Who is my customer (look at your present customers to see consistencies)?
  3. Who are my NON customers?
  4. Why does my customer buy?
  5. Why doesn’t my customer buy?
  6. When does my customer buy?
  7. Where is my prospect?
  8. Wo is my competition?

Answering these questions will give you powerful language to address all the areas during the prospecting and allowing you to spend MORE time with better prospects.

The Adage of “Plan your attack before attacking your plan” is a successful strategy.  Time for you to do this.


By:  Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania