Mark Steinke

Mark R. Steinke is an Elite Business Coach working with Business Owners who want MORE out of their Business. More Revenue, More Profits, More Free Time, More Control, and More Peace of Mind while running a Growing, Thriving Business. Mark and the Business Owner work One-on-One to implement specific, customize strategies, plans and actions that achieve MORE!

Mark R. Steinke of Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania, has Twenty-Five years’ experience as a Business Leader, Coach, Executive and Entrepreneur that provides business owners with Higher Profits, Stronger Teams, More Time and allowing then to work ON their Business vs. IN their Business. This is accomplished by implementing specific strategies that provide Business Owners Peace of Mind in running their business vs. it running them.

Mark works with Business Owners with revenues from $500/k to $10M, in the five-county area of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks County).

Mark’s clients have achieved tremendous success with 40% of them earning Philadelphia’s top 100 fast growing companies.

James Wright

James is a Certified FocalPoint® Business and Executive Coach who works with entrepreneurs and executives who want to transform their business and team to best-in-class success.  Rest assured that with a clear roadmap to BOOMING Growth and Performance, reclaiming the time to focus on your personal and career growth can be achieved.

A former CEO, James Wright of Platinum Growth and Performance Coaching has over 25 years of experience as an executive, coach and leader.  He built strong teams and delivered value for public and private equity firms, so it made sense for him to start Platinum Growth and Performance Coaching to add value to businesses and help them grow and be even more successful at delivering their products and services. James works with leaders to implement uniquely customized strategies and actions to achieve their business and personal goals.

James works with businesses with revenues between $500K to $10M in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Metro Area.

Geoff Zak

My Value Proposition

We are all ordinary heroes. We are regular people who aspire or are called upon to do extraordinary things. As an advisor and business coach, I am committed to partnering with my clients to embrace their challenges and recognize that the process of moving forward is a hero’s journey to be celebrated

  • Food & Beverage industry – 25 years total, 15 years senior management
  • Non-Profit – 10 years total – workforce development, human services, arts
  • Performing Arts – theatre, improvisation
  • change management / organizational alignment / operations management  / customized training / customer success strategies
  • Fostering supportive and accountable relationships between owners and the managers they need to know they can trust

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