Mark Steinke

Mark R. Steinke is an Elite Business Coach working with Business Owners who want MORE out of their Business. More Revenue, More Profits, More Free Time, More Control, and More Peace of Mind while running a Growing, Thriving Business. Mark and the Business Owner work One-on-One to implement specific, customize strategies, plans and actions that achieve MORE!

Mark R. Steinke of Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania, has Twenty-Five years’ experience as a Business Leader, Coach, Executive and Entrepreneur that provides business owners with Higher Profits, Stronger Teams, More Time and allowing then to work ON their Business vs. IN their Business. This is accomplished by implementing specific strategies that provide Business Owners Peace of Mind in running their business vs. it running them.

Mark works with Business Owners with revenues from $500/k to $10M, in the five-county area of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks County).

Mark’s clients have achieved tremendous success with 40% of them earning Philadelphia’s top 100 fast growing companies.

James Wright

James is a Certified FocalPoint® Business and Executive Coach who works with entrepreneurs and executives who want to transform their business and team to best-in-class success.  Rest assured that with a clear roadmap to BOOMING Growth and Performance, reclaiming the time to focus on your personal and career growth can be achieved.

A former CEO, James Wright of Platinum Growth and Performance Coaching has over 25 years of experience as an executive, coach and leader.  He built strong teams and delivered value for public and private equity firms, so it made sense for him to start Platinum Growth and Performance Coaching to add value to businesses and help them grow and be even more successful at delivering their products and services. James works with leaders to implement uniquely customized strategies and actions to achieve their business and personal goals.

James works with businesses with revenues between $500K to $10M in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Metro Area.

Geoff Zak

As a business coach, Geoff brings a diverse toolkit in service to his clients, with almost 25 years in the trenches of the bar and restaurant industry (15 years in management capacities), overlapping with ten years in leadership roles in the non-profit sector.

Geoff has stewarded the growth of: workforce development initiatives, large-scale human services delivery to vulnerable populations, event and performance venue rentals, and businesses needing targeted leadership and development. His career is typified by being trusted to navigate the unique challenges of start-up endeavors, as well as to provide change management to established companies experiencing complex staffing, leadership, and operations issues. Geoff finds his niche in any business in the B2C space, though is particularly fond of working with small-to-medium business owners of bars, restaurants, and breweries. For those businesses seeking to scale their operations and staffing strategies, he places emphasis on fostering an autonomous management team, and building supportive and accountable relationships between owners and the managers they need to know they can trust.

Geoff believes that we are all ordinary heroes. We are regular people who aspire or are called upon to undertake the extraordinary. As an advisor and coach, he is committed to partnering with his clients to embrace their challenges as opportunities and to recognize that the process of moving forward is a hero’s journey to be celebrated.

Mike Martin

Mike Martin is a Certified FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach who empowers business owners and leaders with the best business strategies to improve their effectiveness, achieve their goals, and increase their discretionary time, so they can live the lives they desire.

Before joining FocalPoint, Mike worked as a management and IT consultant, where he built multiple consulting practices. He built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor to his clients and has worked with over 150 clients across multiple industries to improve their business processes, systems, and effectiveness. His experience with clients, as well as building his own practices, gave him insight into every aspect of running, growing, and managing a business, which led him to a career as a business coach.

His specialized experience working both in and with professional services and consulting firms has allowed him to create a deep understanding of those industries. Mike is a Villanova University graduate with extensive experience in business development, process improvement, and management.

Patrick Clancey

Patrick Clancey is a Certified FocalPoint Business Leadership Coach who empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to rediscover the raw passion that first ignited their business journey and apply it so that their companies become the vehicle for creating their desired personal & business freedoms.

Patrick demonstrated sales leadership & new market creation in the entrepreneurial space for 25 years.  He specialized in implementing marketing strategies that connected businesses and product lines with untapped potentials to drive growth.

As a certified FocalPoint coach, Patrick leverages a set of proven tools to help business owners build clarity, identify goals, and attain long-term success. He works collaboratively with his clients & empowers them to create both financial results and life balance.

Patrick holds an engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley as well as an MBA from Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In his personal life, Patrick enjoys fitness, puzzles and is passionate about serving both in the addiction recovery space & his broader community.

Patrick teams with Business Owners enjoying revenues from $500/k to $10M in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. You can find Patrick on LinkedIn.

Jim Schriver

Throughout his career, Jim has excelled in a variety of technical industries and fields. He has held director-level positions at several companies, where he made a significant impact by introducing new products and services, driving profitable revenue growth, adapting to market shifts and disruption, and implementing effective strategies for success.
Jim’s deep listening skills, patience, and genuine desire to help others make him an excellent business coach.

I chose to join FocalPoint because of its compelling and extensive library of content, proven systems and processes, and culture. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the people at FocalPoint and how they advocate for ‘balanced success’ in life – this aligns with my own values”

On a personal note, Jim is not only dedicated to his professional endeavors but also to making a positive impact in K-12 education. As a father of five children and a Board member of a local K-12 school district, he is passionate about helping evolve public education and positively impact young people’s lives.

Jim is a graduate of Penn State University and is eager to bring his expertise and passion to his clients as a FocalPoint Business Coach.

John DePrince

Business and Executive Coach

John DePrince is a Certified FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach, specializing in working with managing partners of small to medium-sized law firms. His coaching approach involves listening to and understanding their challenges and then collaborating to provide solutions that create a more rewarding, fun, and less stressful work environment. His coaching style enables managing partners to spend more time practicing law while building a team for success.

Before becoming a FocalPoint Coach, John worked at Offit Kurman for seven years, where he was Regional Director of Operations, responsible for setting goals, measuring KPIs, coaching attorneys and paralegals on ways to work together effectively to achieve their goals. He managed the regional marketing manager and regional administrative manager and reported to the CEO and President of an AM Law 200 Firm.

John graduated from Drexel University and enjoys being a loyal fan of all five Philadelphia sports teams, including the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, 76ers, and Union. You can find John on LinkedIn.

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