How To Compete in an Amazon-Style World and Thrive

How To Compete in an Amazon-Style World and ThriveIn today’s consumer environment, it can feel as though it’s impossible to compete with the big players, such as Amazon.  And in all actuality, this is a major threat for many traditional small business owners.  However, with a bit of innovative thought and strategic planning, even small consumer-driven companies can continue to thrive.  Here are five tips for getting ahead with your B2C business.

Establish Your Unique Selling Proposition

Commodity businesses were among the first to be deeply impacted by e-commerce.  After all, if consumers are looking to buy the latest best-seller, there’s no difference when the customer buys it from a local business than from an online vendor.  The stores that have overcome this challenge offer something unique.  Consider ways to increase your levels of differentiation and lower your uniformity.  What can you offer that consumers can’t find at the big box e-commerce stores?

Perfect Your Logistics

From Apple to Uber, consumers have become accustomed to simplicity when it comes to purchasing and receiving their products and services.  These larger companies have perfected their logistics.  Instead of throwing your hands in the air with the feeling that you can’t compete, learn from your favorite major companies.  Walk through their processes and see how they have made the logistics as simple as possible for the end user.  Then ask yourself: what can I do to make my processes as simple and streamlined as possible for the consumer?

Create a Consistent Brand Message

Companies with inconsistent branding are quickly marked as amateur and not taken nearly as seriously as their consistent competitors.  From your website to your in-store aesthetic, your company’s branding should be a direct reflection of your products or services.  When interacting with your brand, your customers should immediately be able to recognize you and understand what you have to offer them.  Has your branding carried through from your store to your website, app, advertising, and social media?

Stay On Their Minds

The power of small, local businesses comes in the ability to get to know your customers on a personal level.  Take every opportunity to learn about their needs and personalities.  The most successful companies leverage their customers’ behaviors to tailor messages and offers.  From loyalty programs to birthday discounts, there are many ways to interact with your customers beyond their point of sale.  What steps could you take to remain on the minds of your current customers?

Leverage Available Tools

There are so many tools available to small businesses that it’s impossible to list them out.  From Uber-style delivery companies to real-time scheduling apps, research what is available in your industry and look at what your best competitors are utilizing.  Finding partnerships that allow your customers to have a simpler purchasing experience will inevitably benefit your image and your bottom line.

For small business owners, competing with the largest e-commerce sites can be incredibly challenging.  However, by creating a uniform strategy and leveraging all of your resources, you’ll be able to develop your niche and uncover incredible success.

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