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Fear of rejection!!

There it’s been said now let’s deal with it.

No matter how good a sales person you are no one likes to be told NO. There are lots of stories about how sales people love the NO because that means a YES is coming soon. The reality is down deep no one likes to be told NO. So how do we increase the number of times we hear YES. It starts with who we are prospecting to.

Spend more time with better prospects to increase the number of times you hear YES.  How do we recognize or define a better prospect?

  1. THEY CAN AND WILL BUY The prospect must have the ability to buy. If there is any reason why they cannot (price?) move on you are wasting your time.
  2. NEED Your prospect must have a need for your product or service. Without a need the ability to pay is irrelevant.
  3. WILLING AND ABLE TO ACT QUICKLY They are willing and able to make a buying decision in the near future. If you are selling to a large organization, make sure you are dealing with the decision maker.
  4. KNOWS YOU AND RESPECTS YOU Many customers will not buy a product or service from someone or some company based solely on who the sales person is. Be diligent in developing your personal brand. Build relationships.
  5. HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE This value is created by developing your corporate and product brand.
  6. BENEFITS OUTWEIGH THE PRICE The prospect must place a higher value on the benefits he will receive as a result of the purchase versus the price they paid.
  7. AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF LEADS Ideally a good prospect will be a great source of future leads and referrals.


You will never stop hearing NO. Spend time evaluating and developing your prospects and you will hear YES much more often. Hear YES more often and the NO becomes less of an obstacle to success.

About the Author

greg-tieWith more than three decades of experience in all facets of sales management, customer service, business growth, and staff coordination, Certified Business Coach Greg Emslie is a focused professional with the tools to help you grow and manage your business effectively. 

Driven by his ability to implement proven business concepts and help improve teams, Greg affects all areas of the companies he works with, including sales, leadership, profitability, and decision-making. He focuses on improving efficiency and processes for his clients while helping them grow their revenue base. 

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