John Nilon

JN Solutions

Working with Mark has proven to be the catalyst that has propelled me, and by extension my business, to new heights. I have begun to evolve and am no longer stuck working in my business. Working ON my business has generated consistent and more readily predictable revenue and growth. I run my business with increased clarity, confidence, and comfort. In 2016, revenues grew by 68% over 2015. We’re on track in 2017 to potentially eclipse last year’s growth rate. I no longer just dream about how to achieve the success I desire; after working with Mark, I know how to get there.


Minor Carranza

Carranza Home Remodeling

I like the program a lot and we are leaning so much. Your program is good we like it a lot and we have learned a lot and we knew that we would learn a lot more as we continue with it.


Michelle du Plessis

Thank you for a brilliant coaching today. You “opened” my head latterly!! I am so excited now! Must say it was perhaps the best session for me today. I like the way you take things apart and then put it back together like a lego set. Its brilliant! 


The Home Hero

Chugging along Mark! Up 37% rev for the year…. Net is up 900% for the year YTD Net Profit up 24% cash on hand doing nothing but selling!! Onward and upward!


Brandon Rost

Owner beMarketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Focal Point Business Coaching and Mark Steinke for three years now. During my time with Mark he has taught me leadership skills, management skills, and various ways to strategically align my business with clear goals and objectives that we set forth weekly, monthly and annually. I have had opportunity to learn first-hand a more integral way of running my business and it has resulted in making the company more profitable, better setup for growth, and the team bought in with a clear culture environment that we manage against. Mark is readily available when needed which is a tremendous help as we all know things pop up and need to be addressed timely. He possesses a sincere enthusiasm for your business and your success and will be an asset to any business owner looking for guidance!


Elizabeth O'Dessa

Owner of Reflexology Plus, LLC

When Mark started working with me I had no knowledge whatsoever of running a business. Mark’s integrity, positive attitude, and expertise in business has taught me that I can do anything if I really put my mind to it and overcome obstacles that would normally hold me back from succeeding. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to succeed in business and in life. He is definitely worth the investment. 


Steve Lowrey, CPA

Business Owner

Thank you Mark, you have certainly been “the difference maker for Austin!”


Rob Czyzewicz

Co-Owner 20/20 Visual Media

Mark has played an instrumental role in the growth of our company over the past year. He has helped us establish good business practices, provided us with fresh ideas and strategies to increase sales, and most importantly – he holds us accountable. We’re projecting 30% growth over last year, and we owe a lot of our success to his direction. Mark will be a member of the 20/20 Visual Media team for a long time to come.


Daniel Magiera, MMSD

Mark had been a great business coach, and has been able to effectively and efficiently convey business principles complimented with Focals approach, that has produced the following results: -having me run my business and not having me run down by my business, -increased revenue every quarter methodically while freeing up time for me to enjoy playing more golf, spending more time with my family, and even mixing these activities while I am managing and growing the business, -discussing how to manage a business with Mark’s own background and experiences, only 1-3 hours per month, is the most cost efficient way to get achieve the equivalent of taking a full time 2-3 year course for an MBA, -finally, its enjoyable to know now that I can now discuss business, and run one that is a success, by following the methods Mark has presented me with, rather than hoping by accident and misdirected hard work, that it may somehow just happen to be successful.


Anya Day

Anya Foto

Hi Mark, It was really great to see you and I am very happy with how things are moving along. I am finally starting to see how this is supposed work. Just wanted to let you know, my marketing event was a success. Now my next step is to follow up again to stay on their radar. Thank you again for everything.


Elam Stoltsfuz

Level Edge Construction

I feel like I got a lot of value from your insight and ideas, let me work on this stuff.


Dan Macintosh

Keller Williams Realty

You’re a great coach and know your business. Thank you for working with us.


Carla Perri

Perri's Leather

Thank you for your time today. As usual I learned quite a bit and most importantly really appreciate your honesty and keeping me going in the right direction. I know I can get off track and respect that you have my best interest at heart. Often people tell you what they think you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. I know I can count on you to be honest with me and as a result am going to be a better business owner because of it.


Rachel Stevenson

Reshaping YOU!

Before completely giving up on myself, I met Mark Steinke from Focal Point Business Coaching at a chamber meeting. He was what I aimed to be. He helped me reignite my passion, prioritize unfinished projects, and lay the foundation for a solid business plan. I recommend anyone meet with Mark to improve their business.


Amy Anderson

Price Turner CFOs

Congratulations!!  You do GREAT work!!


Glendon Crawford

Owner of Call a Bobby Security

I would not be where I am today without Mark Steinke of Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania. He was kind enough to volunteer his time to some college kid, and helped weave a dream into a reality.With his guidance, patience, and willingness to pick up the phone (Even on golf trips) Mark coached me with a curriculum designed to answer the questions investors would want to know and then refined my thoughts until it was clear for anyone to understand.Thanks to his program, in just one year, I became an undergraduate finalist of Temple University’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl, awarded money for my startup and developed three apps for both iTunes and Google Play. Temple was so impressed with our work that they invited me back for a Master’s program.It only takes one conversation with Mark to change the direction of your life. If you can dream it, Mark can teach you to build it. Thanks Mark


Andrew Stoneham Knott


I really appreciate the work that you are doing to support John and the team also. We have some big plans so looking forward to working with you some more over the coming months and years. Best, Andy


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