Your Potential Customers Unspoken Questions

How many times this year did you meet a with a prospect during the sales process, your felt the meeting went well yet you did not get the business?  Why?  Your presentation was strong, you demonstrated all the correct sales points, the prospect was nodding in agreement, yet no sale.   Something must have happened with them as I killed it!

Can I suggest you take a look at your presentation of solution with the idea of answering those Unspoken questions that are almost never verbalized.  What? Yes these questions lurk in the mind of your prospect and affect their feelings and responses toward you.  Your failure to answer even one of these unspoken questions can be fatal to the sales process.  You can do everything right and still lose the sale because you walked away without satisfying the customer on one critical point.

What are those unspoken Questions?

  1. “Why should I listen to you?”
    • This is the first question in their mind almost always.  If you do not provide strong reasons / answer to this question (not benefits to your product or service per se) you will lose this deal as most likely your prospect is Too busy to play guessing game or solve a puzzle.
  2. “What is it?”
    • This one is the natural flow from the first question.  Here you need to quickly arouse your prospect’s interest / curiosity about the benefits of what you are selling and how it impacts your prospect.
  3. “What’s in it for me?”
    • The most important question you must continually address throughout your sales process is “What’s in it for me?”  What you need to address is why?  How does what you are selling personally benefit your prospect.  Everything you do in the sales process needs to be answering this question.  If it does not your prospect will lose interest.  Typically you are spouting benefits and features of your product, your company and not tying it back to the old radio station WIFM.
  4. “So What?”
    • This very harsh question is almost never verbalized but critical.  When you are telling your prospect how long you have been in business, your family owned, you have been in the same location for 20+ years, etc. most likely your prospect is saying in their head:  “So What?”  The way t answer this question is to ensure you effective answer question 3:  “What’s in it for me?”
  5. “Who says so?”
    • Another very challenging question in your prospect’s head but almost never verbalized as it is challenging is,  “besides you who else says or has experienced what you claim?”  You need to somehow weave into your presentation that what you are saying is NOT just you.  You have testimonials, reference able customers, positive comments on the web, etc.  Today like no other time in history prospects can easily search out feedback on websites like Rip of report, Glassdoor, BBB, etc.
  6. “Who else has used it?”
    • Here is the follow up to the Who says so question.  Who else has used it?  The best sales person can weave into their presentation answers to questions 5 and 6 in their answer.  Time to “kill two birds with one stone”.
  7. “How do I get it?”
    • Typically this is the final question in the prospect’s mind.  Never assume that your prospect fully understands how your product or service is manufactured, delivered, installed, serviced, maintained or replace.  You can lose the sale if you skirt over this thinking this is not important.  Look you have successful addressed the real tough questions. Do not let the simple one of How do I get it? blow your sale.

So take a look at your presentation.  Can you simply, quickly and succinctly see the answers to these questions in your sales presentation?  After you analyze, can I suggest you ask someone to sit in to one of your presentation to prospects with one goal:   Listening for answers to these unspoken questions.


By Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania