Selling on Non-Price Issues

Price arises early in almost every sales conversation, but price is seldom the reason that the customer buys or refuses to buy.  If low price were the major reason for buying decisions, nothing of higher price or quality would ever be sold.  The key is to find out the non-price reasons why people buy and emphasize those in the sales conversation.

The very best salespeople are those who sell on the basis of NON-PRICE issues rather than basing the sales conversation on convincing the prospect that they offer the lowest prices.  Do not misunderstand me, price is an important issue, but it is only one of several issues.   The key job of the sales person is to differentiate your produce or service from the competition and identify the Seven attributes that are more important than price when your prospect makes a buying decision.

  1. Quality
    • The suitability conformance to the customer’s standard and requirements are critical.
  2. Delivery
    • Fast, dependable and predictable is very important
  3. Installation
    • Security, worry-free, time saving implementation of your service or product
  4. Service
    • Helpful, speed, dependability along with well delivered is highly desirable
  5. Terms
    • Simplicity, down payments, Credit card payments, billing make a big difference
  6. Follow-up Support
    • Trouble-free ownership strong and timely
  7. Responsiveness
    • Fast repairs regular call backs, feedback sought all in a well defined timeframe that is acceptable to your customers

What are your specific most important attributes for your business, product or service?

What are three reasons why your “higher” priced product / service is superior to a lower priced competitor?


Your job as a salesperson during the sales conversation is to shift the focus of attention off the price and onto the specific values / attributes your product / service offers the customer.  Most sales are not made on the basis of price, but on the other things.  Find out those other things and emphasize them throughout the sales conversation.