Are You Millennial-Ready?

Does your work environment meet the core needs of Millennials? Find out by taking this short quiz. For each question score 0 for “Never;” 4 for “Seldom;” 8 for “Often” and 10 for “Regularly.” Then total your score and check your rating at the bottom of the chart. Do you explain how your business improves […]

Retooling foMillennials: The Right Business Environment Can Motivate Younger Workers

Every business wants motivated employees. A productive workforce, though, doesn’t happen by accident: Employers must create an operating environment that inspires their people and gives them the tools needed to succeed. If the tools vary with the times, lately the times are all about Millennials. These employees, ranging in age from roughly 25 to 40, […]

Celebrate Your Team: 6 Ways a Boss Can Show Appreciation

6 Ways a Boss Can Show Appreciation for Employees

  Celebrating a milestone like a graduation, promotion, or buying a new home leaves us feeling great. Getting to share these positive moments with friends and family makes it even better. This can also be true at work. Making employees feel appreciated after success can boost confidence and increase motivation throughout the entire organization. Showing […]

Employee vs. Business Owner – Which one is for you?

Being your own Boss is a great option for many people, especially experienced business people who have a clear picture of what they want and how they intend to achieve it.  There has never been a better time to start, grow and enjoy your own business. Both being an employee and being a business owner […]

From “Monster Labor Festival” to Pullman Strike to Labor Day

How did the First Monday in September become “Labor Day”?  According to an article in Time Magazine written by:  Oliva B. Waxman in 2019 entitled:  “Why Congress made Labor Day a National Holiday” – Two gathering occurred that were mostly Political. According to Waxman: “One was a “monster labor festival” featuring of a parade of […]

Seven Secrets of Managerial Success

Success in Business or in your Career requires effective ability to manage.  Managing your organization, Managing your Resources, Managing basically everything. Whether you are a Business Owner or an employee managing or leading an organization, you should twice a year reflect on you and remind yourself why you are on the payroll! Determining your key […]

The Skills of a Business Owner

Business Owner

Becoming a Business Owner requires passion, motivation, business acumen and commitment to take control of your LIFE.  Being an owner of a business is a large responsibility.  Sales, production, staffing, administration, Customer support…and the list goes on. Successful Business Owners did NOT start out with all the requisite skills to run a business.  What they […]

Career Transition & Business Ownership

Are you in Career Transition?  Ready to learn more about How to Become a Business or Executive Coach and Start your own Business? Business Owners are in need today! According to Michael Gerber: “The Fatal Assumption (of business owners) is if you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does […]

Career Transition Decisions – What’s next?

Even in a Non-COVID 19 market, career transition decisions need to be made.  Why?  Because actions such as: Layoffs, Reorganizations, Restructuring, Resigning, Being fired and Early Retirement or Full Retirement happens. The question that comes up when one of the above events occur is “into What”?  New Career  New Industry  New Job Semi – Retirement […]

What is involved in Starting a Business & How does a Franchise help with that

8 Benefits of Business Ownership

Running a successful small business is the dream for many people Setting your own hours, picking your ideal clients and enjoying the rewards of your efforts.  It really can be exciting and rewarding.  For many, it can be a daunting decision.  If you relate to this, you’re not alone. There are an infinite number of […]