The Skills of a Business Owner

Becoming a Business Owner requires passion, motivation, business acumen and commitment to take control of your LIFE.  Being an owner of a business is a large responsibility.  Sales, production, staffing, administration, Customer support…and the list goes on.

Successful Business Owners did NOT start out with all the requisite skills to run a business.  What they started with are the keys to success in business.

Core skills for business ownership:

  1.   Personal Desire
    •  Clarity on what it is they want out of Business Ownership
    •  Commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed
    •  Attitude of a Victor not a Victim
    •  Willingness to learn, ask and seek guidance
  2.  Personal Resources
    •  Time to invest into yourself, your business and your skills
    •  Money.  Yes you need to invest some money.  There is no way to start a business FREE
  3.  The Three C’s
    •  Confidence that you can do what you put your mind too
    •  Competence to learn and build your business skills
    •  Charisma to drive Business Development

Owning a business is NOT for everyone. It is for the person who wants / desires:

  •  Income base on Impact
  •  No office Politics
  •  Control of your Time
  •  Wealth creation
  •  Work with Clients YOU want to work with
  •  Flexibility
  •  Ability to do what you love and get paid for it.

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