Career Transition & Business Ownership

Are you in Career Transition?  Ready to learn more about How to Become a Business or Executive Coach and Start your own Business?

Business Owners are in need today!

According to Michael Gerber: “The Fatal Assumption (of business owners) is if you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does technical work.  The reason this is fatal is it just isn’t true.”

Business Owners today need business skills, not technical skills.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can take your Executive level skills and transition them to Business coaching to those who need you? Want you? and most of all Need Coaching NOW!

If so, join me in a free One hour Zoom meeting to learn:

  1. What is Business Ownership?
  2.  Can I afford it?
  3.  What type of Business is right for me?
  4.  Is Focal Point Business Coaching franchise ownership for me?

This is NOT an event to sell you anything.  It is to inform, provide options and answer questions.

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