Are You Millennial-Ready?

Top Questions to Ask Your Business Coach
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Does your work environment meet the core needs of Millennials? Find out by taking this short quiz.

For each question score 0 for “Never;” 4 for “Seldom;” 8 for “Often” and 10 for “Regularly.” Then total your score and check your rating at the bottom of the chart.

  1. Do you explain how your business improves customers’ lives?
  2. Is your business involved in community affairs?
  3. Do you involve your employees in decision-making?
  4. Do you show how employee actions contribute to the bottom line?
  5. Does your workforce reflect your community’s diversity?
  6. Do you provide opportunities for professional development?
  7. Do you provide regular performance assessments?
  8. Have you established flexible work hours?
  9. Does your benefit mix reflect employee preferences?
  10. Do you solicit employee feedback about your workplace environment?

What’s your score? Over 80: Congratulations. You have a Millennial-friendly workplace. Between 60 and 80: Time to retool your organization to better motivate your employees. Below 60: You need to improve your Millennial IQ. Re-engineer your workplace by instituting suggestions in the accompanying article.

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