Seven Secrets of Managerial Success

Success in Business or in your Career requires effective ability to manage.  Managing your organization, Managing your Resources, Managing basically everything.

Whether you are a Business Owner or an employee managing or leading an organization, you should twice a year reflect on you and remind yourself why you are on the payroll!

Determining your key Results in your Business or Job is critical to show your value, your effectiveness and puts you in the right frame of mind while you are doing what you do to earn money.

Let’s go over seven secrets to Managerial success developed by Brian Tracy that you can apply to your situation.

  1.  Customer Needs
    • The life blood of business is revenue / customers.  So in your Business or Job, Who are your customers?  What do they need from you to be satisfied?  Answers to these key questions and implementing them daily will provide your business, You and your Career a tremendous return.
  2.  Economics
    • Financials are required for every business.  As a Business Owner or Career job role, find the answer to : What specific financial results have you been “hired” to achieve?  What are you expected to deliver financially to the Business?
  3.  Quality
    • As you can assume, without quality of service or product your business will soon be out of business.  So in your specific situation what level of quality are you responsible for maintaining?  How about what level of quality are you responsible for improving?
  4.  Productivity
    • All Businesses and people in Career jobs need to understand and deliver a certain level of productivity?  Basically you will be expected to take the inputs your are given and deliver a minimum level of outputs that are acceptable.  What are yours?
  5.  Innovation
    • I think everyone has heard the line:  “If you are not moving forward you are moving backwards.”  In your Business or Career doing new is needed to sustain and grow.  Think of the Business that did not innovate effectively (Block Buster, Sears, Blackberry, etc.).  Ask yourself, Answer and implement the answer to:  What new, better faster, cheaper, easier ideas, products, services and / or methods are you introducing?
  6.  Growing your People
    • In all Organizations, whether a Business, Family structure,  or Division of a company, all have what I call a MPPT (Model/Methodologies, Process, PEOPLE and Technology) that is needed to be defined, integrated and working as ONE.  The third item – PEOPLE are critical.  So in your world, How are you developing your people so they are increasingly valuable to the organization?
  7.  Organizational Development
    • In my MPPT concept, it refers to the entirety of the Organization.  What is the Organizations Model / Methodologies of the function and what are the Processes, People and Technology solutions that are using the Model / Methodologies?  With this understanding effective people who manage the function effectively must take measurable steps to improve the function as a whole.  What are you doing in this aspect?

No matter what you are in your career or business, taking a break twice year and reflect on this to achieve growth and success.

Once you have these Key Results defined, you have established a Standard of Performance and a mindset to drive for improvement.

Remember what gets rewarded gets done!  So ensure you, your business, your organization and / or your career gets rewarded.


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