Top Questions to Ask Your Business Coach


Top Questions to Ask Your Business Coach
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Sometimes, your path towards success on your professional journey can be bumpy or uncertain. If you’re having trouble discovering your way or moving forward in your career, hiring a business coach can help you get on the right track. A skilled business coach has the tools and expertise to get you where you want to be and will listen to your concerns, honestly assess your weaknesses, and help leverage your strengths. While your coach can help you take that first step toward professional fulfillment, it’s ultimately up to you to do the heavy lifting, which involves asking the right questions. Below you will find what to ask a business coach to get the most out of your relationship.  


Where do you see my strengths and weaknesses?

When struggling with what to ask your business coach, identifying your strengths and weaknesses is a good place to start. Acknowledging not only your strengths but also your weaknesses can help you become more self-aware and see yourself in a new light. After working with your coach for a few months, they will likely be very aware of the gaps within your success and be able to address them, strategize to improve them and help you turn them into strengths. 

Am I stuck in my comfort zone? How can you help me get out of it?

Your comfort zone can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about, and it’s also not often top of mind for most business owners. Once you acknowledge your comfort zone and find out if it’s limiting you, you can work with your coach to start thinking outside of the box. A skilled business coach has the necessary tools, exercises, and tasks to move you towards business growth. With an outside perspective, you can get a better understanding of yourself. 


What new skills should I invest in for continued success?

It’s vital to ask which skills are best to place your focus on. Your business coach knows you well enough to help you address your personal and professional areas of opportunity and help you fill in any gaps to grow and improve. Proficient coaches are usually up-to-date in the most current business trends and skills, so once you have their feedback, you can prioritize these efforts and invest in new skills. 


How can I improve my leadership skills?

As a business owner, you’re a born leader. Yet it’s always valuable to re-evaluate this skill set. This question can get personal as it reflects on who you are as a person. Stay open-minded to what your coach has to say so you can readily make adjustments and improvements to foster a successful change.  


What to Expect From a Business Coach

You most likely hired your coach to help fix a specific problem within your business. But once the problem is resolved, a host of other issues will begin to surface. The bottom line is your business coach is there to offer ongoing support. Your relationship is a two-way street where communication is key. A good coach listens, observes, and shares everything they see, which is where you will see the most powerful coaching and experience the most gains personally and professionally. Be sure to keep engaging with your coach so you can continue to tackle problems together. 


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