Tips on How to Get Your Business Ready for the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a busy, lucrative time for your business, but if it isn’t prepped, stocked and ready, it might not turn out as successful as you hoped. According to an October survey from the National Retail Federation, consumers will be spending an average of $1,007.24 this holiday season (that’s up 4.1% from last year)—an increase you and your business won’t want to miss out on. Not sure of how to get your business holiday-ready? Luckily, the business experts at FocalPoint have come up with the best ways to prepare your business for the upcoming holiday season, so you’ll be ready for any customers that come your way.

“Delivering” is a Must

“Delivering” covers a lot of your business’s facts: sending your products or services to customers in a timely manner, having plenty of inventory and employing people who will provide good customer service. To guarantee your customers quick shipping, prep your package and delivery labels and reach out to your shipping providers to make sure they’re equipped to handle your business’s shipping needs. For inventory, make sure you’re well-stocked—you should also make sure you have plenty of your best sellers. To ensure service that your customers will be happy with, make sure you’re hiring and training people who are friendly, hard working and well-versed in your business’s products and services.

Stand Out From the Competition

Chances are, your business isn’t the only one of its kind, so you’re going to want to be strategic with how you set yourself apart from businesses similar to yours. First thing’s first: whether you’re a new or well-established business, come up with a business strategy for the holiday season—this will provide you clarity on who your customers and competitors are and knowledge on how to serve your customers in a way your competitors aren’t. From here, get creative: create a holiday campaign that will be attractive to your customers, offer holiday specials that customers will love (and won’t find anywhere else) and be active on social media with posts and contests that will engage your demographic—just make sure you’re utilizing the best Search Engine Optimization techniques to produce the best results.

Get Into the Holiday Spirit When Promoting Your Business  

As a business owner, marketing your products or services is always in season—but because the holiday season is about being merry, it’s important to cater your marketing to this time of year. For example, focus on writing holiday-inspired blogs and e-blasts, make customers feel special by being responsive on social media and create advertisements that mimic the cheerful tone of the holidays.    

If you and your business aren’t ready for the holiday season, or if you’re unhappy with your business’s growth in 2018, then it may be time to reach out to a business coach. At FocalPoint, our business coaches and trainers are here to help you and your business gain clarity, increase growth and sales and implement strong leadership. Contact us today to learn how we can benefit you and your business long after the holiday season ends.