TCOB While WFH: Here Are Four Tips for Working From Home

This month has presented us with difficult times to say the least, and if you’re part of the lucky group of workers who have been able to work from home remotely, you’re probably feeling fortunate but also frustrated. Although being able to work from home is an amazing perk, it certainly comes with its own issues: it can be hard to focus, stay motivated, be productive and effectively communicate with your team. However, there are things you can implement so you can work from home effectively, and the business coaches at FocalPoint are here with four tips for working from home to help you TCOB no matter where you are!


Make Sure You Have a Designated Work Space

This doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate a full room to your work, but in order to work from home effectively, giving yourself an area that’s for work and only for work is vital. If you are able to convert a room into an office — great! If you already have a room in your home that is an office, then make it a point to spend your work hours in there and not on your couch. However, if you’re an employee who is short on space, get creative: 

  • Try to fit a small desk somewhere in your space
  • Make one kitchen chair your work from home chair (and always sit there when you’re working remotely)
  • Search for a desk that can double as storage 
  • Opt for a fold out desk to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space 

Designating a work from home space will help you get in the zone and help you stay focused for the full duration of your work day, so you can still perform at your best


Create To-Do Lists and Prioritize Them 

Any work day can get overwhelming when a million things need to be done, so writing or typing up daily to-do lists are always crucial. However, they’re especially important when you’re working from home. Making a to-do list will help you manage your daily tasks and ensure you’re getting through everything you need to. Once you make your to-do list, be sure to prioritize everything on it — this will help you manage your time and increase your productivity and efficiency. 


Establish a Morning Routine and Be Consistent With It 

When it comes to accomplishing personal success, having a routine that you do everyday is key. On days when you’re not working from home, you most likely have your go-to morning routine that you know will get you ready for the day and get you to work on time — work from home days should be no different! Here are some ways to keep your work from home days structured and successful: 

  • Wake up at the same time every morning
  • Choose what you want to do first (IE make your bed, drink coffee, watch the news, etc.)
  • Start work at the same time every morning
  • Try to set a time for lunch 
  • Plan to “clock out” at the same time 


Listen to Music So Your Productivity Doesn’t Miss a Beat 

Whether you’re the type of worker who always listens to music at the office or rarely does, if you want to work from home effectively, this is the time to keep (or start) doing this! Although it may feel odd to sit in your office or at your designated work space with headphones on (or in), tuning out any noises will help you stay focused on the tasks at hand. Plus, listening to music can be a great tool for motivating people, so when you work from home remotely you can be just as productive as when you’re at your place of work. If listening to music tends to distract you, try instrumental music! 


Now that you have these four tips for working from home, let us help you take your workplace skills to the next level! Whether you need to sharpen your leadership skills, enhance your selling skills, would like help creating a business plan or need help with a market valuation, the FocalPoint team can help you with all of the above — and so much more! Contact us today to get started with one of your expert business coaches.