Summer Of Sales: Tips for Success in Sales


Sales is one of, if not the most important, aspect of every small business. But like most important business aspects, finding success as a business salesperson has its challenges. Luckily, the business experts at FocalPoint experts have 5 tips that will help you achieve the highest sales success possible.

Understanding the Sales Cycle
The first thing any smart salesperson needs to do is fully understand  the seven stages of the sales cycle and begin to systemize the process. The seven stages of the sales cycle are prospect for leads, set an appointment, qualify the prospect, make your presentation, address the prospects objections, close the sale and lastly to ask for referrals. Being knowledgeable about the sales cycle and fully understanding all that it entails will allow you to adjust the time spent on selling accordingly, as well as reduce the length of the sales cycle, ultimately closing deals faster and more efficiently.

Composing the Perfect Pitch
It is vital to compose an elevator pitch that you can use over and over again. Generating a pitch that works in any situation will save you a myriad of time, stress and work in the future. This may be a timely task at first, but once you have mastered your pitch you will have much greater success and become more knowledgeable, as well as more confident in who you are and what you do.

Writing a Unique Selling Proposition
A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a statement that distinguishes your business from your competition—in fact, your USP is an essential aspect of your sales pitch. By having a strong selling proposition, you will identify your business as the more suitable choice. Plus, a USP will also address why your business is better than your competitors.

Overcoming Sales Objections
In order to move through sale objection challenges, you need to compose a plan that helps you identify sales objections—this will enable you to build a strong plan on how to overcome them. Informing yourself and your company on how to use the right techniques to overcome these challenges will assist you in closing the sale in the most efficient manner.

Negotiating Successfully
Advanced negotiating is what seals the deal in business and sales situations. When you are truly a strong and wise negotiator, you can easily avoid sales objections, as well as make your prospects and customers feel as if their voices have been heard. A successful negotiation starts with knowing what you want to get out of the deal, tackles the easiest issues first and then keeps a valid and reasonable compromise in mind.

Understanding and implementing the sales process will help you become a better, smarter and more successful sales person. Not only will you be able to sell more products, but you’ll also be able to reach new heights in your career. Ready to turn your sales dreams into a reality? Contact the business coaches at FocalPoint today!