Why Become a Business Coach

A Recent article by Focal Point Coaching Franchise Owner Adam Thompson on why he became a Business Coach.

“When I began my search for a business in 2015 I was motivated by a call to serve a greater good to build something bigger than myself that would make an impact beyond my direct influence.  The Focal Point Pebble on the Pond metaphor really resonated with me.  By working with clients to create stronger businesses, Focal Point coaches create stronger communities, stronger cities, stronger states and countries and ultimately a better world.  I hope to inspire my children through the legacy I leave.  Hard work matters, focus and attention to detail matters, serving others and putting other people first matters.  Doing things right and doing the right things matter.”

Are you ready to make a difference in your life.  Do you want to make a difference in Business Owner’s life, Business, Families, Communities?

Business Ownership is extremely rewarding.

Call me to learn how you can leave your legacy.