Who goes into Business for themselves?

In my opinion no one explains this better than Michael Gerber in his best selling book:  The E-Myth Revisited.  Here is what he states:

“Let’s take a look at the person who goes into business.  Not after he goes into business, but before.  For that matter, where were you before you started your business?  And, if you are thinking about going into business, where are you know?  Well, if you are like most people, you were working for someone else.  What were you doing?  Probably Technical work, like almost everybody who goes into business.  You were a Carpenter, a Mechanic, or a Machinist.  You were a bookkeeper or a Dog Groomer, a Draftsman or a Hairdresser, a Barber or a Computer Programmer, a Doctor or a Lawyer, a Graphic Artist or a plumber or a Sales person.  But whatever you were, you were doing technical work.  And you were probably damn good at it.  But you were doing it for someone else.  Then one day, for no apparent reason, something happened.  It might have been the weather, a birthday, or your child’s graduation from high school.  it might have been the paycheck you received on a Friday afternoon, or a sideways glance from the boss that just did not sit right.  It might have been a feeling that your boss did not really appreciate your contribution to the success of his business.

It could have been anything; it doe not matter what.  But one day, for apparently no reason, you were suddenly stricken with a Entrepreneurial Seizure.  And from that day on your life was never the same.  Inside your mind it sounded something like this:  “What am I doing this for?  Why a I working for this guy?  Hell, I know as much about this business as he does.  If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have a business.  Any dummy can run a business.  I’m working for one.”

And the moment you paid attention to what you were saying and really took it to heart, your fate was sealed.  The excitement of cutting the cord became your constant companion.  The thought of independence followed you everywhere.  The idea of being your own boss, doing your own thing, singing your own song, became obsessively irresistible.

Once you were stricken with  an Entrepreneurial Seizure there was no relief.  You HAD to start your own business.”


Sound familiar?  Gerber hit a home run with this.  Since this happened to you what Happened to YOU?  Wow reality set in.  At First business came easy.  Friends, referrals, word of mouth.  Then the hard part, where to find more.  BNI?  Networking?  But hey it is not working the same.  What happened?

Am I hitting a cord?  Well this is normal and easily fixed.  I did not say quickly or simply.  Just easy.  Let’s talk how.