Using Goal Setting to Hold Your Team Accountable

Whether you are aiming to achieve a set profit increase or want to obtain a certain number of new clients, having a team of accountable employees will make all the difference in your company. Implementing surefire strategies that will result in company success can be made possible through employee goal setting. Not only does the workload get done, but will enact accountability in all your employees— a quality very important for overall company success. The experts at FocalPoint Business Coaching are here to share a few tips on how to foster accountability in the workplace.


Keep Consistent Communication

To better understand set goals at hand, taking the time to thoroughly communicate with your employees about goal objectives and designated responsibilities is proven most effective. When all employees are fully aware and comprehend their individual tasks to be completed on their own end, they are then able to take personal account of the assignments that are being asked of them. Be sure to encourage employees to ask questions rather than letting them figure out things on their own if they find themselves lost along the way. In the end, your team is working together to complete an overall objective and each individual will thrive when they become personally accountable for individual tasks.


Strategy Meetings Are Key

Putting time aside every couple of weeks for strategy meetings is a great way to check in and see how each employee is faring with their given responsibilities. It’s important to track milestones and current progress when you are goal setting to ensure you’re on the right path towards your goal and to make sure the ways in which your employees are carrying out their given tasks are running smoothly. Encourage employees to speak up about any fresh ideas they have come up with and keep these meetings positive!


If Problems Arise, Solve Them Immediately

Sometimes issues may arise along the way, whether it be between employees or an employee and their set assignments at hand. When it comes to goal achievement, employee accountability in the workplace requires bringing up any problems right away to avoid falling behind. If an employee begins to fall short on individual accountability, address the situation with specific examples and solutions on how they can go about it moving forward. Tackling these problems head on and as soon as possible can prevent unnecessary roadblocks that can stand in the way of success.

The strongest, most successful teams in any organization are rooted in personal accountability with every task that is carried out. Use our tips on achieving accountable employees through goal setting and feel free to contact us for any additional advice on business coaching you require!