Reason 4 on Why Franchisee Fail -The franchisor fails to train and support the franchisee.

According to Ed Teixeira and his article:  “5 Reasons why Franchisee Fail” Reason number 4 of the 5 in why Franchisee fail is the Franchisor fails to train and support the franchisee.

How can this be?  Franchisors have the Operating Manual, the Model, the Methodology that is proven and has shown to be successful.  In Mr. Teixeira’s article he states:

“There are a number of reasons why a franchise can fail. Some of the reasons are based upon a lack of capital and/or particular skills necessary for a particular franchise to be successful. On the other hand, there may be factors that are out of the franchisee’s control: a franchise program that has a lack of customer demand or a poor product, for example, can lead to failure despite the franchisee’s best efforts (another example of why the franchisee should have done their research before investing).”

When Mr. Teixeira brings up the “…there may be factors that are out of the franchisee control…” I would humble suggest these factors are Lack of Business Skills.  Who is ensuring the new franchisee has the skills / knowledge in Business?  Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values to drive the business?  Business Planning, Projections, Revenue growth strategies, plans and actions?, etc.?

I believe way too many Franchisee’s have all the desire, drive to make it work, but NO ONE is developing or training them on Business.  It is not as simple as: “Just implement the methodology / manual to make this business work.”  Franchise business Owners must implement Business such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, Administration and Client Support to make their new organization work.

The tremendous value of buying a franchise is most of the framework is there works.  So putting a Strategy, Plans and Actions around it getting all five areas of business working together is Business.  Who teaches them this?

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