FocalPoint Business Coaching of PA Was Featured in FeedSpot’s “Top 100 Business Coaching Blogs”!

FocalPoint Business Coaching of PA is proud to be featured on FeedSpot’s list of  “Top 100 Business Coaching Blogs”! As business coaches, we are committed to helping clients in every way possible.  How did we get to where we are? At FocalPoint Business Coaching of PA, our coaches have decades of experience teaching our methodology to business owners, which empowers them to reach their goals and help their business grow.

Business coaching has been developing since the 1900’s and has become critical in the corporate world. That is how Mark Steinke joined the FocalPoint Business Coaching family in 2013.

Mark Steinke was a frustrated college professor who had a deep desire to help others grow and become successful within their business. He decided he wanted to start his own business coaching company and opened FocalPoint’s Pennsylvania franchise. Mark is now an Elite Business Coach at FocalPoint. The best high that Mark can get is the thrill of seeing entrepreneurs who once were struggling or frustrated with their business now run their business on their own terms. This feeling is what motivates, drives and pushes him to get his clients to succeed.

Greg Emslie has been with the FocalPoint team for three years. He is a Certified Business Coach, who has spent his entire career helping business owners enhance the growth and probability of their businesses. He has over 30 years’ experience in Sales, Management, Marketing, Product Development, and Strategic Planning. Greg is passionate about his clients getting the most out of their businesses and works tirelessly to help them achieve success.

Your business is unique, and it has endless opportunities for growth and evolution. Contact FocalPoint Business Coaching of PA today to get started!