Facts & Figures on Business / Executive Coaching

If you own a business or if you are thinking about becoming a Business Coach, read the following on Does Coaching provide value?  ROI?

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Business & Executive Coaching:

According to study and surveys by Monte Wyatt, www.montewyatt.com

  • Productivity (reported by 53% of executives)
  • Quality (48%)
  • Organizational strength (48%)
  • Customer service (39%)
  • Reducing customer complaints (34%)
  • Retaining executives who received coaching (32%)
  • Cost reductions (23%)
  • Bottom-line profitability (22%)
  • Among the benefits to executives who received coaching were improved:
  • Working relationships with direct reports (reported by 77% of executives)
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
  • Teamwork (67%)
  • Working relationships with peers (63%)
  • Job satisfaction (61%)
  • Conflict reduction (52%)
  • Organizational commitment (44%)
  • Working relationships with clients (37%)
According to a survey from Clear Coaching Limited, February 2007
  • New or improved skills (50%)
  • Work relationships within team (50%)
  • Seeing others’ perspectives (47%)
  • The Clarity in Work life (43%)
  • Increased motivation (43%)
  • Improved atmosphere (40%)
  • Sales & Revenue Increase (23%)
  • Obtained goals (20%)

According to International Coaching Federation (ICF), who surveyed 210 clients:

  • 70% believe business coaching is “very valuable”
  • 50% confide in their coach as much as their best friend, spouse or therapist
  • 12% confide in their coach more than anyone else
  • 60.5% experience more balanced life
  • 25.7% more income was realized

According to Kevin Micalizzi, Director of Sales Enablement & Field Marketing, Kevin Micalizzi | Former host of the Quotable Sales Podcast

  • Coaching explains the 17% differential between those who are coached and those who are not coached.
  • Those who receive less than two hours of coaching per month achieve 90% of sales targets while those who receive more than three hours of coaching achieve 107% of sales targets.
  • Close rates increased by 17%
  • Close date changes decreased by 25%
  • Expired deals decreased by 63%

Other statistics that are equally important:

  • In one study conducted by MetrixGlobal LLC, companies including Booz Allen Hamilton received an average return of $7.90 for every $1 invested in executive coaching.
  • A recent study of Executive Coaching in a Fortune 500 firm by MetrixGlobal reported a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.
  • A survey by Manchester Inc. of 100 executives found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.
  • An internal report of the Personnel Management Association showed that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone.
  • A Hay Group study of Fortune 500 companies found that 21 to 40% utilize Executive Coaching; Coaching was used as standard leadership development for elite executives and talented up-and-comers.
  • A 2001 study on the impact of executive coaching by Manchester Inc. showed an average ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment or a return of more than $100,000, according to executives who estimated the monetary value of the results achieved through coaching*.

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