Effective Delegation: Part II Adjust your Style

shutterstock_180763604From our last blog, you have already experienced, effective delegation will dramatically increase your productivity by leveraging your time, energy, talents & activities – Right?

it is now time to learn and implement the 11th delegation principle of effective delegation – adjusting your style based the Task Relevant Maturity of the individual and how to apply it to your business.  Ready?

This additional delegation principle, simple stated is:

Adjust your delegation style based on Task Relevant Maturity

Generally there are three levels of competence.  We refer these levels as Task Relevant Maturity.  To be truly effective at delegation, your delegation style must be adjusted according to the level of competence or Task Relevant Maturity of the individual to whom you are delegating an activity or task.

  1. Low Task Relevant Maturity – This individual with Low Task Relevant Maturity typically has little experience in the requisite field.  This person may be a new hire to your firm or new in their career.  In such a case, you will use a Directive style of delegation.  Carefully out line  the task being assigned, the outcome and the required resources.  Then outline each step of the process and the monitoring / follow up / reporting on status situation.  In other words, you will instruct them on the first step of the process and then report back to you.  Then the second, etc. until the task / activity is complete.  Upon completion a final debrief and learning should take place.
  2. Medium Task Relevant Maturity – This individual has probably been in the position for some time with you or at another job.  This person has demonstrated considerable level of competency in performing similar tasks and has earned your trust.  In this case you will use a Management By Objectives approach.  The onus is on this person to figure out the steps, process, resources, etc. and come back to you with a plan of action.  Monitoring this with regular meetings ensuring key milestones have been hit and coach, help them in determining actions.  Remember to develop this person further by pressing for key milestones, reporting, and suggestive solutions in this process.
  3. High Level Relevant Maturity – This individual ha a great deal of experience and a high level of your trust.  Most likely this person is an expert in the field and most likely is superior to you in the work.  In this case, you should employ a Leadership style of delegation.  Here you are focusing on clear agreement to the end objectives.  Grant this person the authority to make it happen.  Give this person the “room” to perform. This person should be coming to you proactively with milestones, success, issues, solutions and results.  All you are doing is listening, learning and determining success.

You see delegation is a critical Skill for leaders, business owners, etc.  Grow your career, your business by looking for ways to leverage yourself through delegation.  However success comes from those who effectively delegate using the 11 principles especially Task Relevant Maturity principle.


By Mark R. Steinke, Elite Business Coach, Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania