Develop Your Tomorrow’s Leaders


You can spend time now developing and keeping your employees engaged or spend time later on recruiting and training new hires – because strong employees will go where they can grow and succeed.

Unbeknownst to you, the future leaders of your company could be right under your nose. Identifying employees who are leadership material can be a tricky endeavor. Here are a couple of keys steps that will help you prepare today’s employees to be the company leaders of tomorrow.

  1. Identify high potential employees – Effective benchmarks for identifying high-potential employees include:
    • Performance reviews
    • Employee self-evaluations
    • Participation in volunteer activities
  2. Develop employees for the future – Helping your employees develop their skills is a smart investment for any business. Provide employees who are deemed “potential leaders” with additional mentoring and training to help them become the next generation of leadership.Training can help sharpen confident and competent employees. However, identifying which areas are best to address with employee training can be a challenge. The following tips can help you identify which aspects of your business would be best served when establishing a training plan.

Identify Areas for Employee Training

  1. Analyze the Situation
    • Check customer comments, and solicit input if necessary.
    • Where are the weakest areas in your company?
    • How can you boost performance in your weakest area?
  2. Note all critical, specialized positions
    • Everyone gets sick at some point
    • Be sure all jobs have a back-up plan and that employees are crossed trained as back-ups.
  3. Check out the competition
    • Successful business owners learn from their competition
    • Research your competition and identify what they do better than your business
    • Identify what you do better than your competition
    • Most importantly, market and implement those differences that your business does better than the compeition
  4. Seek employee input
    • Find out what training your employees would like that would move them and your business forward
    • Provide that to them IF and only IF it moves your business forward

So how is your Business Doing with increasing the bottom line with developing leaders? Start NOW to figure out how to provide 1 – 4 to your team and start to measure the quantum leap in revenue, profits, customer satisfaction, etc.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to start that which will of course allow you to WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS vs. IN YOUR BUSINESS.

Doing this will provide you with Employees who are Assets NOT Liabilities.

if you need training, help or assistance setting up this up, implementing it and accountability following it I recommend you work with a Business Coach.