Work ON your Business vs. IN your Business – The Ops. Manual

No one sates the value, requirement and reason for a Business to have a documented Operations manual better than Michael Gerber in his book:  The E-Myth Revisited.

Gerber states:  “Documentation says, “This is how we do it here.”  Without Documentation, all routinized work turns into exceptions.”

What does exceptions do to your Business?  Time?  Employees?  Customers? You?

Documentation provides your people with the structure they need and with a written account of how to “get the job done” in the most efficient and effective way.  It communicates to the new employees, as well as to the old employees, that there is logic to the world in which we work here.  This Operations manual is the critical second item in my Model/Methodology, PROCESS, People and Technology (MPPT) solution that should run your business.

Documentation is an affirmation of order.  Remember people like order to things.  Even those who are free spirit have some sort of order to what they do.

Alvin Toffler in his book:  The Third Wave, states:  “….for may people, a job is crucial psychologically, over and above the paycheck.  By making CLEAR demands on their time and energy, it provides an element of structure around which the rest of their lives can be organized.”  The operative word here is CLEAR.  Documentation provides the clarity structure needs if it is to be meaningful to your people.

Having, implementing and ensuring a documented Ops. manual is used in your business provides structure to specific means rather than generalizations.  The Ops. Manual is the repository of the documentation and is therefore best described as a company’s how to guide.  It outlines:

  1. Purpose of work
  2. The steps needed to be taken while doing the work
  3. Summarizes the standards associated with both process and results

You want more Time?  You want more Revenue or Profits?  You want more Peace of Mind while running your growing company?  You want to onboard, train your new hires easily? You want your people to be fully engaged in their work?  Then spend the time it takes to set up your business with a proper Business Model / Methodology, Process, People and Technology solution with FULL DOCUMENTATION.

Want to some MORE in your Business?  Reach out to a Business Coach who knows what to do and work with you to get you and your business to this level.


by:  Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach