Work ON your Business vs. IN your Business – People

All Business need employees.  In our Business Model of MPPT (Model / Methodology, Process, PEOPLE and Technology) People are required to operate within the Business Model / Methodology while administering the Processes that run your business.

Too many Business Owners hire highly skilled, over qualified people who are more expensive, causing the Owner to raise prices and therefore have an impossible time replicating their business.  Business Owners need to hire according to the Carnegie triangle of success!

The Carnegie triangle of success has determined that out of the three components for success:  Experience, Attitude and Skills, 85% of Success is Attitude and Skills and only 15% of success is Experience.  How many Business Leaders when recruiting talent hire for Experience?  Typical qualifications from these Leaders are:  “give me someone who has been there and done that.”

The question the business owner needs to ask themselves is: “How can I give my customer the results he/she wants systematically rather than personally?”.  In other words, “How can I create a business whose results are systems dependent rather than People dependent?”.  This does NOT mean People are not needed or important.  People bring the systems or processes to life.  When a Business is Expert / People dependent, what happens when that Person is on vacation?  Takes a sick day?  Has a Bad day? or worse yet resigns?  You see People make it possible for things that are designed to work to produce the intended results.

Building a Business that can be replicated thousands of time, even if you do not want to expand, ensures you have a Business that runs on Model / Methodology, Process, PEOPLE and Technology.  This means you have a business that works without YOU or anyone (expert) having to be there all the time, doing everything and ensuring everything.  When Process and Systems run your business you have a business that allows you the Owner or Leader to take a vacation without panic.  You can leave at 3PM in the afternoon to watch your son or daughter at their High School play, sporting event, etc.

Building a Business hiring People based on Attitude and Skills vs. only experience allows the Owner to lower payroll costs, Provide growth to employees and Ensure you clients experience a consistent, valuable benefit / service based on a system / process operated by a person.  The Business Owner’s job is to develop the tools, processes and systems to teach your employees how to use them.  Your business now is consistent in how work is done, how clients are experiencing your business and provides growth and opportunity to your employees.

Strong Businesses, according to Michael Gerber in his book:  The E-Myth Revisited : “…great businesses are not built by extraordinary people but by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”