Work ON your Business vs. IN it – MPPT Provides Value

Creating your Business MPPT (Model/Methodology, Process, People and Technology) solution is the critical first step when a business owner wants a business that will work for you vs. the Owner working for the business.

From the post outlining the six rules to follow when developing a business that is replicable: The first rule to ensure the Business Owner must understand and develop is:

The Business will provide consistent value to the Business Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Lenders, beyond what they expect!

The key concept in this is Value.  What is it for your Business?  Every Business owner must understand what is it that provides value to their Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Lenders beyond their expectations.  How does the Value impact their lives!  Yes their lives.  The goal is to explode value that not only enhances but significantly impacts the lives of your Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Lenders.

Value can take the form of simple or complex areas.  Each Business Owner needs to come up with what is the Value their Business delivers.  A few examples of Value are:

  • Value can be a word said at the door of the Business as a customer leaves
  • Value can be an unexpected gift from the business arriving in the mail
  • Value can be a word of recognition to a new employee for a job well done
  • Value can be an employee award to a seasoned sales person who landed a big client
  • Value can be the price of your products
  • Value can be the dedication shown in the process of explaining your products to a customer who needs more help than usual
  • Value can be a simple word of thanks to your banker for his support
  • Value can be demonstrating Fair, Consistent sound decisions based on Metrics, Facts, Information vs. emotional feelings

Basically Business Owners who have a business running today and do not have it set up to run itself and is experiencing all the frustrations of the Business Running them vs. them running the Business, need to start setting up a MPPT now.  The first step is ensuring your Business Model / Methodology, Process, People and Technology system has a cleared defined Value understanding to your key stakeholders.