Work ON Your Business vs. IN it – MPPT Provides Impeccable Order

Referencing Michael Gerber in his best selling book:  The E-Myth Revisited states very clearly: ” At the core of the rule, The Model of your business stands out as a Place of Impeccable Order is the irrepressible fact that in a world of chaos, most people crave order.”

Additionally in Alvin Toffler in his revolutionary book, The Third Wave he states: “…;most people surveying the world around them today see only chaos.  They suffer a sense of personal powerlessness and pointlessness.  Individuals need life structure.  A life lacking in comprehensive structure is an aimless wreck.  The absence of structure breeds breakdown.  Structure provides the relatively fixed points of reference we need.”

It is these “relatively fixed points of reference” that an orderly business provides its customer and its employees in an otherwise disorderly world.   Therefore a Business Owner needs to ensure his/her business is created, operated and implemented with order in all aspects of Business.  According to Michael Gerber there are five reasons a Business Owners needs to ensure their business has “Impeccable Order”.

  1. “A Business that looks orderly says to your customer that your people know what they’re doing.”
  2. “A Business that looks orderly says to your people that you know what you’re doing.”
  3. “A business that looks orderly says that while the world may not work, some things can.”
  4. “A business that looks orderly says to your customer that he can trust in the result delivered and assures your people that they can trust in their future with you.”
  5. “A Business that looks orderly says that the structure is in place.”

So take a realistic look at your Business.   Does your MPPT (Business Model/ Methodology, Process, People and Technology) scream order to your customers?  Your Employees?  Your Competition?