“Why They Buy” – An Answer every salesperson needs.

For those looking to grow their business or for those in sales looking to improve, increase their sales, Jeffry Gitomer’s book:  The Little Red Book of Selling is the answer.  Here is a brief summary and excerpt from his book.

Why do people buy? is the BILLION dollar question.  It is much more valuable the then the question “How do I sell?”.  “It never ceases to amaze me that companies will spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars teaching people “how to sell” and not ONE MINUTE or not TEN DOLLARS on “why they buy” – From Jeffrey Gitomer’s book:  The Little Red Book of Selling

Now many experienced sales people or business owners will state:  “I know my customers and why they buy,”  However these same sales or Business Owners will communicate the following early warning signals that indicate you may not know the real answer to the question:  Why they buy.

  1. You get price objections
  2. You have to send bids or proposals
  3. They claim to be satisfied with their present supplier.
  4. No one will return your call.
  5. You are complaining the economy is slow, the administration policies are bad, etc.

Now to over come these and potentially answer the question “Why they Buy”, Gitomer has 12.5 elements:

  1. “I like my sales person”
  2. “I understand what I am buying”
  3. “I perceive a difference in the person and the company that I am buying from.”
  4. “I perceive a value in the product that I am purchasing.”
  5. “I believe my sales person.”
  6. “I have confidence in my sales person.”
  7. “I trust my sales person.”
  8. “I am comfortable with my sales person.”
  9. “I feel that there is a fit of my needs and the product / service.”
  10. “The price seems fair, but is not the lowest.”
  11. “I perceive that this product / service will increase my productivity.”
  12. “I perceive that this product / service will increase my profits.”

12.5 “I perceive that my sales person is trying to help me build my business in order to earn his.”


These 12.5 elements make sense, have proven history to success and all bring the sales person or business owner to the real modified question:  Why do YOUR customers buy?


Want an answer to the Billion dollar question?


Gitomer offers six actions for you to do to determine that:

  1. “Call six of your best customers.”
  2. “Invite them to a seminar about how to build THEIR business.”
  3. “Offer great food”
  4. “Tell them that there are also 15 – 20 minutes worth of questions you want to ask them about how to strengthen your relationship.”
  5. “Craft Six questions about how you meet the needs and what they look for in a vendor / partner.”
  6. “Record the session – video is best but audio will do.  Then watch or listen to it 100 times.”


Now that you have the blueprint for getting started, are you ready?  Do you want to know the answer to: Why does YOUR customer buy?  If so, reach out to get started.


By Mark R. Steinke

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania