Who is your Business “Caddy”?

One of the best golfers in the world has a coach.  He also has a confidant, “coach”, mentor, guide and analyst with him every competitive round he plays.  Jordan Spieth’s business is Golf.   Listen how his Caddy provides value to him after what happened on the 13th hole at The Open:


“When that putt went in, I was really, really obviously excited,” Spieth said. “But I was walking off the green and Michael said, ‘Hey.’ He held me up, and he said, ‘That’s a momentum shift right there.’ And he was dead on. And all I needed to do was believe that. I was starting to feel it… Just his belief, when I know him so well, just fed over a bit. And all I needed was just a little bit of self-belief to be able to produce.”


Who is your “Caddy” in your business?

Who is providing you Confidant, Coach, Mentor, Guide and Analyst value to you about you and your business?

Who is there every time you need it?


If you do not have such a person, maybe it is time to think about that.


Look at the value a top of the world, best in his business sports athlete experienced.  His business thrives, grows, improves and delivers.  And what is the cost?


According to experts:

” On the PGA tour, the standard caddie contract pays $1000 per week plus 5% if outside the top 10, 7% in top 10, 10% for a win. That means that there are probably a lot of caddies earning $100,000 or more.”


Jordan’s take: $1,845,000.  His Caddy’s portion:  $185,500 approximately 10%.


Are you willing to invest into YOU and YOUR business with such a “Caddy / Coach” for a 10x return in your business?


Let’s talk!


Written by:

Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania