The Ultimate Guide to Motivational Sales Kickoff Themes for 2020

Boost Efficiency and AccountabilityA new year is about to begin, is your sales team motivated to begin all the new projects? If your answer is no, or that they’re a little burned out, then you should try to kick off your new campaigns with a sales kickoff theme meeting.  Sales kickoff meetings help to motivate your team so they will give their best. There are many types of themes that can be tailored to the needs of your sales team or the project at hand. To help you find the ideal sales kickoff theme for your next meeting we have outlined the best themes below.

What is a Sales Kickoff Theme?
Sales kickoff themes help teams become motivated to collaborate and help them to find common ground on the campaign. A sales kickoff theme is also beneficial for the presenter because it will help them to find the center or goal of their message or campaign.  The theme will be presented in the form of a meeting. This meeting will bring the whole sales team together so you can motivate them in one place.

The kickoff theme should focus on celebration, motivation, or information. It’s important to focus on one of these topics in your theme meeting and not all of them at once. To help you find the best motivational meeting themes we have found the top themes that will get your sales team motivated.

Celebration Themes
Celebration sales meeting topics should be presented when you want the team to feel good or accomplished. This type of theme will also show your sales team that you appreciate them.

You’re probably wondering how you can celebrate an accomplishment if this meeting is meant to inform the team of a new project. Below you will find a few celebration themes and how to use them properly.

Beating the Competition.

In this meeting theme, you will be identifying a competitor and encouraging your team to beat them. You can do so by bringing a rough number of customers you plan to steal to help your business and hinder the opposing one. The idea behind this theme is to create a competitive atmosphere that motivates your team to win.

Show Success.

If there are employees that go above and beyond you can have them step into the meeting or film a short video to show the current team. This will help give your sales team an idea of what you expect.

The idea behind this theme is to show a portrait of success so the current team will be motivated to meet this level or rise above it. It also shows them that even if things get tough, there is an end to the project.

Emphasize Leadership.

If your company is a leader in the industry use this to help motivate the team. You should give them the company’s current standing in the market, how it got there, and if others are following in your footsteps of success.

Remember to focus on leadership and not to gloat. This could bring down the excitement of the project and cause the sales team to not do their best.

Motivation Themes

Motivation themes should be used to help teams rise to your expectations. They can be used if the past few projects were failures or you feel as if the team isn’t giving their all.

Motivation themes shouldn’t be used if your team is doing exceptional work. If the team is already doing their best then this theme may come off as a bit insulting.

Motivate to Be Better, Stronger, and Faster.

This theme is one of the most popular and effective sales kickoff themes used. It’s a strong theme that will get your team hyped to do their best.

This theme also opens the floor to talk about improvements from past projects, this is the better and stronger part because you will be working together to make the campaign just that.

You can also come up with reachable goals that may have been too obscure in the past (the faster element).

Bring Morale Up.

When team morale is low, you can expect the time and effort put into projects to also be lower. If you need to motivate your team due to low morale, then elevate them.

In this theme, you will show your team that even though they are doing their best, they need to aim higher. It will show them your expectations and encourage them to grow their aspirations.

It’s also a good idea to tell your team what you appreciate and why. This can be about individuals or about past projects.

Purpose and Passion.

When people seek purpose they become more motivated to do tasks. That’s why indicating the overall purpose of the project or campaign for a sales meeting topic is an ideal way to motivate your team.

If your project is to raise money for a charity or have a certain amount of proceeds go to one, this is a great theme to start with. It will show the team why they love what they do – it’s rewarding. This will spark their passion to get the job done and to do the best they can.

Information Themes

Information themes can help you provide important numbers to your sales team. This information can put the project into perspective and help you to refine the overall goal.

Outline the Project.

Most of the time teams don’t need too much direction when presented with a new opportunity because they have a certain workflow. If you feel as if this workflow is becoming boring for your team and they are not giving their best, try outlining the project.

You can provide the team with choices on what job they would like to do.

This gives the team the chance to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

The information you will be providing here is an outline of the workflow with deadlines. This will help you and the team know who is working on what, when they are working on it, and when it’s due.

Create Connections.

If your sales team is more social media-oriented, then this theme may be the perfect one for kicking off a new project. This theme is about utilizing social media to connect with customers.

By utilizing social media platforms, your sales team can see what the consumers really want. The team can use this data (comments, reviews, etc.) and bring them to the table to help determine the next plan of attack for your new campaign.

Other useful information that can be used in this meeting is knowing how consumers discover you, what their preferred way to interact is, and how most of them buy from you or use your service. This hard data from social media can help the sales team and other departments within your company discover strengths.

Highlight Accomplishments.

A classic and common sales kickoff theme is to highlight strengths and accomplishments from past projects and campaigns. Here you will bring hard data of exceptional campaigns in the past to show your team that goals can be done and what you expect.

This theme is ideal to show the team that when everything is executed correctly the outcome will be great and even exceed expectations. Also, by highlighting the past accomplishments of your team, you will help motivate them by showing them they can do it and that you appreciate their work.

Now It’s Time to Plan Your Next Sales Kickoff Them

Sales kickoff themes for meetings are an effective tool to help you build a better relationship with your sales team. Showing your team that you appreciate the work they do and want to help motivate them to do their best will help to build a close relationship. This relationship will help build mutual respect between you and your team and help the sales team to give their best.

We have provided you with the top sales kickoff themes so your 2020 campaigns will be exceptional. You now know the different types of themes and also know that trying to cram all the themes into one meeting isn’t beneficial.

So now it’s time to begin planning your kickoff meeting for 2020. You can highlight past accomplishments, motivate your team, or even rally them up by saying you’ll beat the competition.