The Tri-lateral Leadership Ledger – Character, Task and Relationships

I am reading a tremendous book on leadership by Chris Brady and Orwin Woodward: “Launching a Leadership Revolution”.  Here is a brief summary of chapter 4: “The Trilateral Leadership Ledger”.

This approach to leadership can be boiled down to the quote in the chapter by Authors Mark Beliles ad Stephen .McDowell: “You must rule yourself before you rule others.”

Another quote by Poet Henry David Thoreau: “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”

If you believe and buy into this, the question that comes up is, How can one grow and “rule” themselves?  According to Brady and Woodward that can be defined in two areas:

  1. Personal
  2. Influence with others

This blog will address the personal area.  Personal growth is first because a leader’s ability to influence others stem from his or her personal abilities.  Also Personal growth is internal, taking place deep within a leader.  This concept has been stated by Stephen Covey in his quote:  “Internal victories precede external victories.”

What are the areas of personal leadership that one needs to grow, develop and “rule”?  According to Brady and Woodward, they are Character, Tasks and Relationships.

Character can be defined as who one becomes is much more important than what one accomplishes.  Brady and Woodward go on to list nine areas of character:

  1.  Honesty
  2.  Integrity
  3.  Courage
  4.  Proper values based on absolute truths
  5.  Faith
  6.  Humber spirit
  7.  Patience with others
  8.  Discipline
  9.  Self – Mastery

The Task category simple represents the ability to get things done.  No leader can exist without demonstrating results.  Here are the 7 areas of Task:

  1.  Acceptance of Responsibility
  2.  Work Ethic
  3.  Availability
  4.  Willingness to invest time
  5.  Tenacity
  6.  Perseverance
  7.  Execution

The category of Relationships is the last section of the Tri-lateral Leadership Ledger.  Relationships measure the ability to get along with and form lasting bonds with people.  This consists of 10 areas in the Brady and Woodward thinking:

  1.  Accepting of People
  2.  Approving of People
  3.  Appreciating People
  4.  Seeing the good in People
  5.  Encouraging People
  6.  Caring for and about People
  7.  Putting others first
  8.  Seeking win-win arrangements
  9.  Helping People accomplish tasks
  10.  Living the “Golden Rule”

Personal Growth is not an OPTION for a leader.  It is a requirement.  If we want more, we must develop the capacity to handle more.

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