The Technician Eyes

The Technician Eyes – This is the doer, the worker.  It lives in the present and only sees the work that needs to be done at the moment.  It is self-evident that businesses, like people, are suppose to grow; and with growth comes change.

Unfortunately, most businesses are not run according to this growth principle.  Instead most businesses are operated according to what the Owner wants as opposed to what the Business needs.  The Technician, who started and is running the company, wants is NOT growth or change but exactly the opposite.  The Technician wants a place to go to work, free to do what he or she wants, when he or she  wants free from the constraints of working for The Boss.

Sadly, what the Technician wants dooms his / her business before it even begins.  The Technician is getting business from contacts, friends, referrals and thinks:  “wow this is great.”  The excitement of being your own boss is intoxicating.   Working paying your dues is the mantra.  Then weeks, months later the reality of being a business owner starts to cause the Technician a bit of pain.

The Business that came in waves is not coming anymore.  The new hires you made to accomplish the work are now not “delivering” like you need them too.  You are spending more time book keeping, attending networking events like BNI, Etc. and not dong the work you love.  Money is not coming in like it did.  Panic, fear and what to do is now going through the mind of the Technician who is running the business.

What to do?

Stay tuned for how in future articles.