The Five Temptations of a CEO and Business Owner

In 1998 Patrick Lencioni wrote a book: “The Five Temptations of a CEO”.  Since Business Owners are actually the CEO of their Business and since according to Michael Gerber, most of these business owners are operating under The E-Myth Revisited of never running a business as a CEO these Owners, are not ready to operate at that level.

So it is not surprising that these “newbies” as CEO’s struggle just like experienced CEO’s with what Lencioni terms the Five Temptations.  Here they are:

  1. Choosing Status over results
  2. Choosing Popularity over Accountability
  3. Choosing Certainty over Clarity
  4. Choosing Harmony over Conflict
  5. Choosing Invulnerability over Trust

How does the new CEO / Business Owner address these?  What is the correct way to demonstrate Clarity in decision making vs impossibility of Certainty?

How about demonstrating Harmony and Trust at the same time?

If you as an experience CEO or new CEO (AKA Business Owner) do not have a plan, action to not fall into these five traps, then Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania can instill this in you.  Call us for more information.

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