The Entrepreneurial Eyes

The Entrepreneurial perspective is one where the business is started with the Business in mind.  How does it look?, How it should act, How it does what it is intended to do.  What is the Business Model, Methodology, Process, People and Technology needed to make the business work?  You see most people who go into business do not have a model of a business that works, but of the work the business does (Technician eyes).

For a perspective on the difference between using your Entrepreneurial Eyes vs. your Technician Eyes no one states it better than Michael Gerber in his book:  The E-Myth Revisited,

  • The Entrepreneurial Perspective asks the question:  How must the Business work?  The Technician Perspective asks: What work has to be done?”
  • The Entrepreneurial Perspective sees the business as a system for producing outside results – for the customer – resulting in profits.  The Technician’s Perspective sees the business as a place in which people work to produce inside results – for The Technician – producing income.”
  • The Entrepreneurial Perspective starts with a picture of a well-defined future, and then comes back to the present with the intention of changing it to match the vision.  The Technician’s Perspective starts with the present, and then looks forward to an uncertain future with the hope of keeping it much like the present.”
  • The Entrepreneurial Perspective envisions the business in its entirely, from which is derived its parts. The Technician’s Perspective envisions the business in parts, from which is constructed the whole.”
  • The Entrepreneurial Perspective is an integrated vision of the world.  The Technician’s Perspective is a fragmented vision of the world.”
  • To the Entrepreneur, the present-day world is model after his vision.  To the Technician, the future is modeled after the present-day world.”

Is it any wonder that the Entrepreneurial Perspective is absolutely necessary for the creation of a great business while the Technician’s produces its exact opposite?

So which eyes are running your Business – Technician or Entrepreneur?

Are you working IN your Business or Are you working ON your Business?

No matter what size of business you want, ensuring it is set up as a Business with a Model, Methodology, Process, People and Technology solution (MPPT) that runs your business while you drive the MPPT provides you with all the benefits of a Business Owner (More Money, More Time, More Control and most of all More Peach of Mind while running a growing, thriving Business).