The Distinguishing Mark of Leadership

In Dr. Don Meyer’s Book “The Distinguishing Mark of Leadership” he presents 10 Questions leaders should ask repeatedly on their Leadership journey.  Dr. Meyer states: “Our questions will distinguish us, set us apart, and define us as leaders.”

One of the most important questions Leaders need to continue ask themselves is:  “What is Expected of me?”  If leaders do not get this question right Leaders might find themselves sitting alone pondering what happened to lead them to a place of lack of leadership belief.  You see as your responsibilities change in our career or your business moves in a certain direction the Leader / Business Owner needs to re-ask themselves:  “What is Expected of me to motivate my team to the next level?”

As your situation changes and you as a leader are focusing on the next Business issue / principle / solution continually asking your self:  “What is Expected of me to…….?”  will keep you focused on the activities / actions that are critical to your leadership and results.

Again in Dr. Meyer’s Book, he developed a powerful Leadership Principle model to help you use the “What is Expected of me?” question in your journey as a leader.

  1. Continually review your organizational Job Description
  2. Always own the Responsibility for what is Expected of you.
  3. Constantly be aware of ever-changing Expectations of you as a Leader
  4. Repeatedly ask This question:  “What is Expected of me to….?”


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