Tactics vs. Strategies, Management vs. Leadership – Which are you?

Clients are not happy with you.  Employees are not producing quality work, they say there is too much to do.  You are owed money by clients who are not paying because of….

Sound familiar?  What is going on here?  It seems like all you are doing is dealing with problems, issues, activities day after day, hour by hour.  Remember when the business was fun?  Simple?  Easier?  You actually think about and want to go back to those days.  WELL DO NOT. The solution to fix all these pain the arse issues is not retreat to previous times or state.

It is time to think Strategically!

Too many business owners have not provided their Business framework & guidance for ALL to follow in building a successful business.  A very powerful roadmap that you, your employees, your customers and your vendors know is what stops these constant issues from rising up day after day, minute by minute.  All effective leader need to think strategically, define a powerful Vision / Roadmap, ensure your people know it, make decisions using it and drive it in and too your business.

How do you do this?  The biggest obstacle is in the Business Owners head.  Yes you need to accept, understand and see the value of setting up your business, people, etc. toward achieving a vision.

Vision answers the WHAT

Mission answers the HOW

Purposes answers the WHY

Values are the foundation for all.

Then Strategies are defined so you can develop and implement TACTICS.  So do you want to stop those day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute issues that keep coming up and driving you crazy?  You can if you just step back ask yourself:

Why is this happening all the time?

Where is the breakdown? 

How is this impacting my business? 

What can I put in place that prevents this from happening in the future? 

Who can I speak with to help me determine all this?


Companies (such as Amazon, E-bay, Southwest Airlines, and Apple) with strong sound strategic decisions always go on to achieve great results, powerful Business models and effective competitive advantages.

So I encourage you to learn how “fly your airplane while you are building it”.  Make your business work while it is working.  Doing this will eliminate all those painful, silly and frustrating issues so you can address more powerful business growth, development, operational moving forward issues.