Success is Foundations first

The_Parthenon_in_AthensJust like the greatest buildings over history that still stand, Powerful strong foundations are needed, required and the only way to build upon for success in Business, Career and Life.

Think about all the techniques on Weight loss.  Try to implement the most recent method of anything and you will experience small short term success with mid-term and long-term issues because your :”foundation” has not been built correctly.

So how does a business owner move their business forward in growth?  There are a myriad of business techniques in Marketing, Sales, Management, etc.  All very good, all will work well when implemented upon a strong foundation.  Hence here is where most of these powerful business techniques fail to delver the long term, sustained success.  Short term to Mid-term success does come however without the foundation built to handle these increases in activity causes fractures, breakage and ancillary issues.

What is this foundation I speak of?  In Business the foundation is your business vision, mission, purpose, values and Operating plan.  With this all the columns of business growth principles / techniques will work and provide long term, short term and mid term success!  In addition to vision, mission, purpose, values and operating plans personal foundation skills are needed to build upon. For example Leadership skills, principles will not be implemented or “stick” without what Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward in their book:  “Launching a Leadership Revolution”  state that is  needed for leadership is:  Being Hungry, Hone-able and Honorable.

So let me confidently say that true success in almost anything (Life, Business or Career) comes when we define our foundation needed, build it then build upon it.

By Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania