Strong Foundations Win!

shutterstock_111718268Many Businesses started because the owner had a great idea.  This Owner determined with passion, pride, drive, desire and a bit of fear to go out on their own to deliver services or create a product that people need.  So after accepting clients, getting a few referrals to more customers this new Business Owner has something.  Delivering the service, creating the product, taking care of customers, billing, collecting, all start to come at this business owner with fury.

What typically happens is the owner is so focused on satisfying the customer or delivering the service / product that how things are getting done are decisions made in the moment.  After a few years of this, processes, actions, decisions are now “baked” based on quick spur of the moment answers.  It kind of feels like the picture here in that the business is operating skinny or without a strong base or foundation.

Building a strong business foundation, clearly defining What business you are in, Who are your customers?  Why do they buy from you? What is your Brand? and can you communicate all this without sounding confusing or bland is imperative for success.

Building this foundation is critical to sustain your business.  Having a strong foundation eliminates all those bits and bugs, as well as  irritating issues that constantly come up.  Building a strong foundation also allows the business owner to make decisions on growth, etc. with confidence.

Making this happen is like putting a puzzle together.  You have to have an end in mind, and then piece by piece put together business Model, Methodology, Processes, People and Technology (MPPT) while running your business.  This is not only possible, it is needed if you want your business to be a BUSINESS.

To learn more about how your business can build the foundation while running it take a look at this: and click on video

By Mark R. Steinke, Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania