So You Want To Close The Sale. Not So Fast

If you have been following along with my posts you know we are moving into the home stretch here. Its getting close to Closing the Sale. Now is not the time to rush into Closing. Now is the time to mentally take a step back, and evaluate where you are, and where your prospect is in the process. Now is the time to Stop and Reassess.

We have at various times throughout the process touched on most of this, but these requirements must be in place in order for your prospect to become your customer. Let’s break them down.

  1. Desire There must be a want for your product. At some point you should have picked up on the fact your prospect really has a desire for what you are selling.
  2. Need Your prospect in addition to wanting your product or service must need it as well.
  3. Trust We have spent time on this. If the prospect does not trust you everything else is out the window.
  4. Usability They must be able to use the product.
  5. Affordability This is a key. Often, we as sales professionals will try to sell something under the guise of “it will save you money in the long run” or “if you buy this it will generate X number of new sales dollars”. All fine but if the prospect can’t make payroll or rent next month after buying your product or service you haven’t done him any favors.
  6. Clarity Your prospect must be completely clear on everything you are offering. Terms, discounts, product warranty, product life, delivery etc. Make sure of this. If he is not clear on something and you make that sale it might later look like “bait and switch”.
  7. Confidence Enough about the prospect let’s look at you. You need confidence. You need to know your product or service inside and out. You need to be able to answer most questions right now. You need to stand tall and know you are making the sale.
  8. Skills This is at the end of the day what it’s all about. Professional athletes work on their “skills” year-round. People who are at the top of their professions read, take classes and do everything they can to improve their skills. Work on all your skills, and practice and use self-critique as a way to get better.
  9. Persistence Remember “no” doesn’t always mean no. In fact, “no” is way better than “I’ll think about it”. No also doesn’t mean no forever. Use your skills here or practice. Does the “no” mean no or does it mean I do not understand everything your product or service will do for me.
  10. Silence Remember we are talking about “requirements to closing the sale” You must be able to be absolutely silent after asking for the order. This is like the old fashion “stare off” or “who blinks first” from childhood. The person who breaks the silence first loses. This takes discipline, but in the end will pay off.


Remember the above must all be in place for you to make the sale. Prior to going into the close do a mental check to make sure all exist. If they do not “stop and reassess”


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