Selling – Prospecting It all starts here

Successful prospectors take the time to carefully think through their strategy before swinging into action.  Good answers to well-framed questions will enable you to focus your attention and channel your energies toward those prospects who represent your major selling opportunity.  The following eight questions are critical:

  1.  What do I sell?
  2. Who is my customer?
  3. Who are my non-customers?
  4. Why does my customer buy?
  5. Why doesn’t my customer buy?
  6. Where is my prospect?
  7. When does my customer buy?
  8. Who is my competition?

Very simply you have invested Time, Money and Energy into creating a marketing plan based on your company’s brand.  It is now time to reap those rewards.  This only happens when a sale takes place.  The starting point for ALL sales in Prospecting.

The only way to effectively prospect is to answer these critical 8 questions before you start actions to prospect.  Nothing more frustrating the jumping to finding your prospects only to lose them during the sales process because you do not have all your “ducks” aligned.

So be an effective sales professional.  Spend the time answering these questions THEN start your prospecting activities.  YOU will succeed !