Reap the Successes You Sow: Sell to New Customers and Sell More of Your Services to the Same Customer

Achieving goals is the pinnacle of every business. All business owners would agree that increasing company revenue is always one of the many goals that are set each year. With more industrial competition than ever before, it’s important to differentiate your company from those who are vastly similar to yours. In light of the approaching new year, the experienced professionals from Focal Point Coaching have beneficial pieces of advice about selling more of your business to customers — both new and current: 


Know Your Clients Like the Back of Your Hand

Maintaining your current customers is just as important as attracting new ones. You want to become an expert on who your client is as well as what services you provide are most appealing to them. With the extensive knowledge on your target audience, offering customers advantageous incentives and giveaways deems your company more marketable. In addition, it  increases the probability that customers will reach out your business when in need of goods or services. 


The appearance of your business to clients, both in store and online, can factor into how much business you are bringing in. Make sure you’re asking yourself: is the presence of my brand reflecting the same message I want to portray to my customer base? If you’re unsure on how to project your brand, business coaching offers custom services to help you get started. Be dynamic and persistent in finding leading ways for your company to continue bringing in clientele. 


Keep Customers Coming Back for More

While new customers require more time and money than current customers, it’s best to strategize ways to foster customer commitment. Identify why your customers are holding back from purchasing additional products of yours. Pushing ideal qualities like having faster service, better delivery, convenient ordering and other marketable services help you stand apart from other standardized companies. Being known as a “one stop shop” for your customers adds both convenience for them and more revenue for you. You can rely on business coaching if you are finding yourself in a struggle to progress. Be sure you are constantly adding value to your company for your customers to return back for more!


Increase Prices Annually

Increasing prices to around 10 percent will ensure your increasing business revenue. While most would be concerned that increasing prices may deter customers, it has been proven successful for numerous industries. If your customers are satisfied with your business, they should not mind paying additional fees for the stellar service your business has been providing them. It’s crucial to have a good rapport with your customer base to better solidify their loyalty to your brand.

Between reeling in new customers and sustaining the current, remember that there are plenty of ways to keep your business thriving. Set the bar higher each year with revenue goals you wish to surpass! Follow these tips to in selling more products and services or Contact us at Focal Point Coaching. We’ll help to ensure your goals are becoming a reality.