“Read the Room” for more Business!

shutterstock_134919155There is a commercial on Television advertising Business travel and staying at a chain motel.  In this 30 second commercial the message is:  You need to be in front of your potential customers to better “Read the Room” or “Close the Deal”.

The Business principle that this motel chain is unknowingly promoting is Observable Behavior which is 93% of communication leaving only 7% to words – (Albert Mehrabian in his published book Silent Messages 1971).  In this study Mehrabian discusses his research on non-verbal communication.  He concluded that prospects based their assessments on credibility factors other than words the salesperson spoke – 55% Body Language & 38% Tone.

I call this business principle “Listen with your Eyes”.  To determine effectiveness in communication, sales, management and leadership business owners & executives need to learn how to determine the primary communication style of those they interact with.  One method of finding this out is using an assessment called DISC.

DISC measure observed behaviors in D:  How one responds to Problems, I:  How one influences people, S:  How one likes the pace of their environment and C:  How one reacts to rules/regulations that you do not get to established.  Learning how to read observed behavior to determine your primary style of DISC and the primary style of DISC communication of others is what successful people in Sales, Business and Leadership perform.

You want to increase your sales?  Be a stronger Leader of people?  Come across as a tremendous Manager?  Consider implementing an Observable Behavior business principle of “Listening with your Eyes”.

By Mark R. Steinke, Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania