Plan & Attack or Let’s just Attack!

shutterstock_148980734There is a quote by Albert Einstein “We can not solve our problems with the same level thinking that created them.”

Much has been written by people on the topic of “Today’s problems are Yesterday’s answers.”  When I hear this I immediately think and ask myself, Why?  What framework, guideline or thoughts did I using to come up with what I thought were the right answers, but days, months, years later provided me additional concerns, problems or stressful situations.

Most likely the issue is our lack of a strategy or plan for our business or life.  Then when faced with decisions to make, looking at that strategy or plan and utilizing the framework to make our decisions. That way we keep on track and do not stray away to the shinny new object.

What?  I should  actually develop a Business Strategy that includes Vision, Mission, Purpose, Vales and Goals / Objectives?  This takes time, thought and it’s hard.  I can “wing” it and do alright,  After all I made it this far right?

How many times have you heard this or even had this ringing in your head?  What about the times you faced an issue, option, investment, job opportunity and after implementing and experiencing your decision you looked back using the 20/20 vision or “knowing what you know now” thinking and said:  ” I would have done that different.”

Well for those Businesses that grow to the level they want (be it $1m in revenue or $1b in revenue) each took the time to develop their yearly, quarterly Road map.  Then each learned the discipline to use it daily, weekly, monthly, etc. when faced with decisions to make in their Business.  The same can be true for our personal lives.

Therefore think about how much Revenue, Profits, Time, Stress, Stronger Employees  you want.  If you developed a simple effective G.O.S.P.A. (Goals, Objectives, Strategy, Plans and Action) document that outlined the framework for your Business, you and  your employees would have something to draw upon while driving, doing and growing your Business.   This is not for just the big companies.  This is another one of the times where Size does not matter.  It is all about PLANNING YOUR ATTACK THEN ATTACKING YOUR PLAN!

Shooting from the hip provides temporary solutions with long term consequences.  Basically the thinking that got you to the problem needs to change to determine the long term, better answers.


When you are ready, let’s discuss how to set this up for you and your business!

– By: Mark R Steinke – Elite Business Coach / Area Representative Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania