New Year’s Resolution: Magnify Your Revenue

The best indicator of business growth resides in the revenue. Companies are constantly setting goals to better their business each year, using the New Year as a chance to make big moves.  While there are many ways to see a rise in business revenue, rising costs of products and services has been known to project promising results. Brought to you by the business professionals at FocalPoint Business Coaching, read up on our advice about increasing your revenue through increasing your prices:

The Costs of Increasing Costs

Owning and operating a business requires making necessary decisions that will bring in more revenue. Upping charges for your goods and services is a straightforward and direct way to achieve the financial outcomes you are aiming for. Even though there runs the risk of upsetting your customers, increasing prices provides multiple benefits beyond money to your company.


Our tips on handling your current customers when increasing your prices include:


  • Be transparent and honest to build customer rapport
  • Refrain from apologizing or showing hesitation over price changes
  • Keep constant communication with customers 


You can really benefit off of strong ties with your customers who will understand and stand by your business despite cost changes. Our business coaching services at FocalPoint can provide you with the necessary tools you’ll need for making future business decisions, improving engagement with your customer base, and more. 


Making Your Prices Worth It

Beyond the communication with your customers, taking action towards why customers should stay and continue to opt into your services is the next step of a successful revenue increase. Your customers want to be reminded why they should be spending a little more on your services and a fantastic way to do so is adding more value into your services that you already have. 


Considering implementing these changes in your company: 


  • Bundle products and services together to promote other business features 
  • Throw in freebies to incentivize additional services
  • Offer discounts to current customers to show importance 


In addition to these options, there are other means of offering value to your customers. If you are looking to make influential business changes, no matter the magnitude, we have ample business assessments and tools to help you get to where your business should be.


Make the New Year your year, thanks to the professionals at FocalPoint! Contact us today to get the projections you’ve set your sight on.