Never Make a Cold Call Marketing

Danny Creed, International Master Business Coach and Executive Coach, and a colleague of mine has a tremendous Marketing concept that works!  In Danny’s book “Champions Network: Champions Never Make Cold Calls”, he outlines a Marketing strategy, with a Plan and Activities that generate success.

How do I know that?  I followed it exclusively in my Business and experienced success.  Reading the back  Jacket of the book, see below, you can catch a glimpse of Danny’s Successful idea.

“Finding prospects is everyone’s dilemma.  Champions Never Make Cold Calls tells you how to find prospects that turn into clients and how to do so without EVER making a cold call.  At the same time, you can quickly build a network of hundres, if not thousands, of people who are excited to send you referrals.

Never again spend all your time networking and prospecting.  Champions Never Make Cold Calls show you exactly how to build your champions network with a simple step-by-step process.  Included are processes for finding and acquiring your Champions – those who are willing, ready and able to help you grow your business.

  • Have others do your high-impact, low-cost lead generation.
  • Never make another cold call – no matter what business you are in.
  • Build your own powerful network of Champions that will refer business to you for a lifetime.

The Champions’ Network is your golden ticket for building a flourishing business.”


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