In Today’s business environment there are many choices on whom to work with, do business with and align with.  Finding the right clients, partners and associates can mean a business of smooth, successful results.

To this end, here is Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania’s “Declaration of Business Intent”.

  1. I THANK YOU for the opportunity to work with you and your business.
  2.  We are honored that you considered us to grow & develop your business as well as your Business skills we look forward to driving you and your business to the next level. 
  1. In order to understand your definition of success, I know that I’ll have to look you in the eye and listen to your needs and then collaborate with you to understand and solve those needs. I know that listening to the prospect or customer is a lost art in American business, but I promise you that I’ll do it. It is the only way that I can truly know what you want and in turn know if I can efficiently and powerfully deliver it. If I can’t, I’ll tell you so. If I can, I expect to earn your business. 
  1. I also understand that I’ll have to work even harder to keep your business because customer loyalty is not an easy thing to earn or keep in today’s market. 
  1. I know to keep your business that I’ll need to go that extra mile to simply meet your expectations with Results. I must not only meet your expectations of being cared for, but I must exceed your expectations. In fact, it goes beyond even that. I know that to earn your business and keep it for months and years to come I must work hard to amaze you with a level of customer care that translates to your total satisfaction. 
  1. I know that you have lots of choices today and with the ever-expanding capabilities of technology, the future is quite exciting. 
  1. I also know that nothing replaces the honest hard work, experience, hope, passion, focus, support, positive attitude, and one-on-one accountability that I can deliver, and I’ll put that up against technology any day! 
  1. It will be my honor to work and win with you!



To the above, I commit!

Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach with Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania